OK, I decided to start a blog so that I can track my successful weight-loss journey, which has now begun. I have started this journey more times than I can remember and have made a few successes along the way, only to back track and end up worse off than ever. Yes, I’m disgusted, disgruntled, and wholly ashamed of myself. Sure there are a slew of excuses, and I guess some valid reasons, as to why I  weigh what I do, but truth be told it just doesn’t cut it anymore. I HAVE to get this weight off!! NOW!!

This morning I wrote a post on 3FC about what my reasons are for losing weight. This is what I said:

I want to lose this weight more than anything first and foremost so I can stop talking about losing weight. My God, I’ve been going on about losing weight since I was 13 years old and here I am at 43 and fatter than I’ve ever been. It’s ridiculous!

I want the imagine I have in my head to fit the reality.
I want to look sexy in Victoria Secret clothes
I want to be healthy and not be diabetic like my mother and others in my family are.
I want to be able to do things outside like hiking, biking, and swimming
I want to tuck a shirt in, wear something sleeveless, actually go out in public wearing shorts, put on a swimsuit, sexy lingerie, high heels, etc!
I want to be naked while not sucking my stomach in. As if that helps anyway.
I want family and friends to be wowed by my hotness.

Finally, I want to do this for the love of my life, Joe. Joe has accepted me, loved me, encouraged me, and believed in me. All he asked when we got together three years ago was that I get fit and healthy so we can live a long life together. I HAVE to make that happen for him!

So, that is a lot of really good reasons and there is not one single reason why I should still be, or remain, fat. Here is what I’m doing right now to get my ass in shape…and smaller:
  • I’m working out at the gym five days a week for an hour of cardio and plan to up that to six days a week. I’m developing my own cookbook filled with healthy, low-calorie recipes to feed Joe and I.
  • I’ve rejoined 3FC and am working on becoming a regular poster and reader of all the great advice and encouragement to be found on that site.
  • Tomorrow night I plan to rejoin TOPS where weekly weigh-ins will provide the necessary accountability I separately need.
  • I started this blog and vow to write in it regularly and to be honest with my feelings be they successes or setbacks.
Tomorrow after TOPS I will come and give the stats on my weight. I want that to be my official weigh-in day. Plus, I need to come clean with how bad it is before the progress of losing can begin.
Please God, let me lose this excess weight once and for all.


  1. your Joe Says:

    I’m moved by your passion, Pita. I hope it measures your commitment. Lord knows, you have my support and best wishes. As you say, I want you to live long and prosper … we have too many dreams to waste them on unnecessary illness, old baggage, and calories as bad as network television. I’m glad you’re setting off.

    Let’s make it all the way this time, shall we? I promise as many new wardrobes, sparkly shoes, and sexy photos as you can imagine.

    Your #1 Fan!

  2. Primm Says:

    You go girl! You can do this, you know you can.

  3. pita09 Says:

    Thank you Primm. I know I can do this and I will. 🙂

    My sweet Joe, your support means everything to me. We will make it this time, I promise.

  4. gayle satterfield Says:

    I am also a struggling Tops member in alabama and am the program director too. I have had my ladies bring in their 100 calorie choices, or verbally share with eachother, the things they consider filling, cheap, or beneficial. I always learn something from them. See you lighter, Gayle

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