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Today is just one of those days where I feel really good about myself. The reason for that is simple, I have reached a milestone in my journey to better health; as of yesterday (11/2/12) I have been cigarettes free for 21 days!!! It may seem like a nothing important but for me it is a big accomplishment. It is THE ONE thing I have done on my own, I mean  no chantix pills, no gums , no patches etc. just my will power and the grace of GOD. While it has been a constant struggle against temptation, and still is far from easy, I feel more confident about my ability to say NO to things I thought I could never resist.

With that being said, I have decided to challenge myself a little more. Starting this Sunday (11/4/12) and up until Friday (01/04/13) I am going to embark on a “No more cheat meals for 60 days”. I feel like I am getting too comfortable with these cheat days/meals and also I want to see if they are really necessary. This will give me the opportunity to do more research and find healthier alternatives to said cheat meals.

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Starting weight 191.0 lbs

Neck 13″

Chest 42.5″

waist 34

Hips 44″

Arms L 16″       R 15.5″

Thighs L 28.5″ R 28.5″

Calves L 16″       R 16″

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