Ok, so I know that the ultimate motivation is to be healthier, smaller, and happier; but a girl needs a few kickbacks along the “weigh” right?

183.0  Starting Weight

180.0 Season 3 of Star Trek: DS9

175.0 Go to the movies w/ DH to see Eat, Pray, Love

170.0  Buy the new season of either House, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, or Dexter (descisons…)

165.0 Buy a professional hair straightener (really want the InStyler)

160.0 Dye my hair professionally a NEW color

155.0 Buy an elliptical for the workout room

150.0 Get a deep tissue massage- ah

145.0 buy tickets to a concert or big event in the area

140.0 Take a getway with DH and pamper eachother for a weekend

135.0  Get a professional spray tan (boy I’m pasty- Irish heritage)

130.0 Buy something sexy from Victoria’s Secret (wish she’d tell us what it is!)

125.0 BUY A WHOLE NEW WARDROBE B/C I MADE IT!!!!! YAH!!! (and throw out all the old stuff b/c I won’t be looking back baby!)


didibuttonsley says 18th August @ 0:16

Such a great idea! I’m going to go and make my own list. Thank you for posting this brilliance!

mrssparklingpersonality says 2nd September @ 17:35

I actually have the InStyler… and it’s not half bad! My hair is a curly mess…. and it won’t straighten it out when it’s like that. But when it’s kinda wavy-ish, it gets my hair all sleek and shiny. I think that’s a great mini-goal reward…

polkaspot says 10th September @ 6:24

Oh just a thought about get your hair professionally colored, if there is a cosmetology school or dept. at a college near you, they normally do services for CHEAP! I’ve gotten mine done at 2 different school and it’s definitly the top 2 place I’ve had my hair done (and I’ve paid $$$$ before) I got a cut & all over color the other day for 20$, and this included shampoo and style.It’s also the best facial I’ve gotten for 12$, I know money can be tight on a military salary, so this may be a way to treat yourself for your goals more often.

2sw33t says 11th November @ 6:13

I love this list of mini-goal rewards! What a great idea!

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