Google Search – “How to Set Goals”

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July 28, 2011


Weight: 176.0


Mood: Much Better


I decided today that I better start setting some goals for myself.  In fact the more thought I put into setting goals for my weight loss/health venture, the more I realize that I have never really set goals for my life in general.  Dreams yes.  Goals, not really.  So its about freaking time! At the moment, I am having a hard enough time setting goals for my weight loss and exercise however, so think that I better start with that before I move on to bigger ventures J   Heck, I have to admit that I even Googled “how to set goals and achieve them”.  Yes, I did just say that.  But surprisingly enough you can find just about anything out on Google, including that my cooked spaghetti squash only last a few days in the fridge before it gets watery.  So, not to disappoint, Google offered quite a bit of good advice on how to set and achieve my own goals. 

Weight wise, I know my starting weight, and have set a goal weight.  Its up to me, but mostly my body on how quickly it achieves that weight.  However, if I plan to lose say, 5 lbs by a certain date, then I know that keeps me a little more accountable in the meantime, trying my best to reach that goal.  So here goes…..


Weight Goals

Starting Weight:  177.2

Current Weight:  176.0

Goal Weight: 145.0


Goal #1 – To be Under 175.0 as of 8/1

Goal #2 – Under 170 as of 8/15
Goal #3 – Under 165.0 as of 9/1

Goal #4 – Under 160.0 as of 10/1

Goal #5 – Under 155 as of 11/1

Goal #5 – Under 150 as of 12/1

Ultimate Goal – Under 145 as of 1/1/12


Depending on how my body reacts to these goals, I will have to readjust them.  I will however do my best to make each and every one.


Exercise Goals

Goal #1 – To exercise at the very least 30 minutes of aerobic on off C25K days and/or squats/lunches and pushups.

Goal #2 – To finish the C25K program in the allotted time frame.  Started on 7/23/11

Goal #3 – Run a workout with my wonderful Aunt Elinor when we visit in September

Goal #4 – Participate in the 4.1 Mile Gran Fondo walk on September 24th, 2011

Goal #5 – Participate in the WW Crush Run 10K on 10/16/11

Goal #6 – Participate in the WW Marathon ½ Marathon on 10/24/11


Food Goals

Following a Low-Carb Low-Sugar lifestyle. 

Keep calories under 1600 per day

Monthly Goal: Stay OP 28 days of each month


Holy crap I have my work cut out for me!  J

A Family That Eats Together Walks Together

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For as long as I can imagine, my family has gotten together for many holidays, weddings, funerals, vacations, reunions, visits of all kinds really and the first question out of every attendees mouth is “so what should I bring to eat?”  Now, to set the stage correctly, my family is made up of very hard workers.  Farmers, welders, etc.  Not your run of the mill office worker.  So I do see that they need fuel for thier bodies and eating has become the main pasttime to “do” while you are visiting or catching up with family or friends. 

However, this goes a step further.  When you call up a good friend to meet for a visit, what is the first thing that you both assume you are doing?  LUNCH!  or dinner, or drinks.  Sure, meeting your friends for happy hour at the local hot spot after work is so much fun but really, isnt there anything else that we can do together? 

Over the past year my Mom has lost a very impressive amount of weight.  She is one of the strongest and most amazing people I know.  And the most active.  But still, she had over the years put on those pesky pounds that add up over the years of “social eating”.  Being raised in a family where meat and potatoes were the main course every night, and you were told to “finish your plate” because there were starving children somewhere that would love to have that food.  Even the spinach.  So….when Mom decided to take control of her life, food had to quit becoming the “focus” of everything. 

Which brings me to my point.  Yesterday, after having a stressful morning of meetings in a town about an hour away, I had the afternoon off.  Mom accompanied me for the day and what would have normally been us “catching up over lunch” turned in to a wonderful day spent purousing through consignment shops and then a nice 2 mile walk through the trails at one of the areas beautiful State Parks.  Both of us being photography buffs, we stopped quite often for pictures or to admire the scenery and nature.  A strenuous work out?  No, but we were MOVING!  Getting fresh air, working OFF some of those calories instead of consuming them.  And at the same time, we were having an adventure.  We have beautiful photos to show for it, a great experience together and no fright of getting on the scale the next morning. 

So, the next time you call up an old friend or plan a family outing, think about changing it up a bit.  There are many more exciting places to catch up than inside a restaurant.


Lost a little weight….and definitely lost in thought.

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July 27, 2011


Weight: 176.0


Mood: ???


Do you ever find yourself wondering where you got to where you are?  Whether that be your location, your home life or your weight/health.  And how do we realize when we are travelling down the right road, or down a road that we will look back on with wonderment as if we have no idea how we made the decisions to get us where we are?  Yes, today I am feeling a little lost, a little bleak and doing a lot of wondering.  The one thing at this point that I think that I am in control of is what I do with my body.  What I fuel it with, what I expect of it and the shape that I keep it in.  Other than that, at the moment, I am just plain lost!

July 25th….Not a good start.

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July 25th, 2011


Weight: 177.2 lbs


Mood: Disappointed/Frustrated


Trying to take my own advice per my last entry and keep my promise to myself.  I am going to lose weight, I am going to get healthy again and I am going to take the best care that I can of this body, the one and only one that I will ever have.  The one that I should feel proud of and will someday again like I did before.  Over the last 8 days I have been so careful about what I have eaten, eliminated sugars/all nasty carbs from my diet.  Focused on clean eating and even watched my calorie content.  Last week when I started this I weighed in at a depressing 176.4.  I say depressing because I had gotten down to 165.  Over the last few months, with not paying attention to my diet and changing BC I have gained over 10 lbs.  So frustrating.  Anyway, I also added my first workout of the C25K program this weekend.  And let me tell you that I miss working out!  I miss my muscles hurting even though I complain when they do J  I felt so good about to get back out there.  So, I know I am rambling but the moral of the story is, my weigh in day was today and I am up .8 lbs.  From 176.4 to 177.2.  I am so upset.  Will of course stick with the program but sure wish that I could see some sort of change in the right direction.  I need a self esteem boost in the worst way.  And I want to prove to myself that I can do this!

Broken Promises

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July 25, 2011

How many times before have you told yourself “I will lose weight” or “I will start my diet tomorrow”?  How many times have you “started over?”.  I know that I cannot count the times I have told myself that.  Even told others that thinking that it would hold me accountable.  I have even used the good old standby “this time is different”.  All of those things being said, I am still fat.  Still out of shape, and still unhappy.


So as much as I would like to say that “this time is different”.  I realize that there is no way that things ever will be different unless “I” am different.  I think the hardest challenge that one can be faced with in the battle of the bulge is realizing that they are the problem.  Taking blame for their actions and realizing that those actions, those excuses, those promises that we have not kept to ourselves are the ones that have gotten us to this place that we are now so unhappy with in our own bodies.  So what do we do to change?  What do we do to make “this time different?”   I think first of all we have to look at it like this:  “If I made a promise to another loved one, would I follow through with that promise?”  For most of us, the answer would be yes, or at least to the best of your ability!  So why is it so easy for us to break this promise to ourselves?  I mean, in all actuality, the promise of good health is the most important promise we can make to ourselves! 

For me, as hard as it is to admit, I do not love myself enough to follow through with that promise.  That needs to change first and foremost!  I need to have the respect for myself that I would give any other loved one.  Then I need to follow through with the ability to respect this body that I have been given enough to take care of it!  After all, I have dreams, plans for the future.  How can I expect to be healthy enough to accomplish these things if I do not take care of the main thing that will get me there?  My body! 


In realizing this, I think about the fact that I have horses and dogs that I show competitively, and love, and of course I take the best of care of them because I want them to be around for as long as possible and have wonderful healthy lives.  I make sure that they get exercise and vitamins and only the best diet that is healthy for them.  So why in the world can I not do the same for myself!?  Or to look at it another way, how can I withhold the snacks and treats that they would love to have and expect them to only eat healthy and not pass up exercise when I sit on the couch and eat whatever I want?  My goodness!


Its funny how sometimes our own thoughts and realizations can bring us to the point to realize what we are actually doing wrong.  I mean, isn’t that the one thing that we never want to admit as a human race?  That its our fault, or that we are wrong?!  Well get over it.  If you are like me, and have let yourself go, then you have been doing something wrong.  And I think I just realized, Its about time I fixed it!!!

It begins again……..

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Well, I am back.  After a long hiatus and the typical diet blunders.  I fell off the bandwagon.  I swore up and down that I wouldn’t, and not exactly sure how or when it happened, but I had lost 20 lbs and was feeling pretty darn good.  Then for some reason things fell thru the cracks.  I gained back about 7 lbs.  Pants that were starting to get loose are slightly snug again.  Dangit! 


BUT….the upside to this is that I am back on track again.  Back to eating my proteins, veggies and staying away from carbs and sugar. Also controlling my portions.  And drinking more fluids, something that is not easy for me this time of year.  And I know, I picked the worse time of year to start over, but figure if I can make it through the holidays, I can make it any time of year.  Case in point, just had a delivery to our office of plate full of homemade cookies, pear cider and who knows what other delicious and completely off limits items there are.  I refuse to even look.


I am however very proud to announce that I got up early enough this morning to do a whopping ten minutes on the elliptical machine.  This new torture device is something we have had for two weeks now.  After running all summer I figured I would still be in semi decent shape.  Not so.  After ten minutes my heart rate was where it should have been and my legs were burning.  I would have done more but that is all the time I had.  Tomorrow will be a different story, plan to get up in plenty of time to up it to at least 15.  Shooting for 20 by Christmas morning J


So my New Years resolution is starting early this year.  But hopefully will continue for the rest of my life. 


My goals are simple and will list them below.  Merry Christmas!!!!


Overall Goal:  145 lbs. 

Current Weight: 169.6 (12/22/10)

First Goal: To hit 165 by New Years.

How Many Millions of Calories Can one Consume at the County Fair?

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M.I.A…….but I am back with a vengeance!


Date: 9/8/10

Weight: 166.4

Mood: Still recouping from 5 days of county fair


So much to catch up on and well, all the time in the world.  Last Wednesday started a free for all of busy days and evenings and the County Fair.  Wednesday was a Gary Allen concert, Thursday: Demolition Derby, Friday: Rodeo, Saturday: Rodeo, Sunday: Horse show.  Now mind you that the company that I work for are huge supporters of the fair, so with all of these events comes an unlimited pass to the VIP area, which includes free food and drinks.  Drinks including alcoholic as well.  For those of you who frequent County Fairs, or fairs of any sort… understand what I went through to try to stay anywhere near on plan!  We are talking Gyros, Foot long hot dogs, corn dogs, yakisoba noodles, deep fried cinnamon rolls, butter battered mushrooms, fried ears of corn, elephant ears, fudge in every variety possible, burgers loaded with everything you can possible dream about, loaded baked potatoes, stir fry, fried chicken, fried pork, fried beef, fried EVERYTHING……….get the picture?  The amount of calories one can consume in a day of eating at the fair probably rivals your allotted yearly intake if you are trying to lose weight.  So the fact that I splurged on nothing but a Gyro, and a small handful of curly fries is a pretty good accomplishment.  However, there was PLENTY more that I wanted “just one little bite” of and an elephant ear (or lack thereof) almost caused a major fight between my wonderful boyfriend and I. 

But alas, I survived the fair.


Now, during the last week I have also had to bid farewell to the scale that I had grown to hate so much.  It finally weighed its last frustrated person, and is on its way to the evil scale never never land.  I then went to Wal-Mart and spent most of my lunch break pining over which was the perfect scale to tell me exactly what I wanted to see every day.  None of them promised that.  So I settled with the one that tells me everything I do not want to admit to.  Not only does it tell me my weight, but also my BMI, my goal weight, water weight, body fat percentage and I keep expecting it to blurt out my daily horoscope.  What I DO like about this scale though, is that it is within .5 lb of my Dr’s scale and .5 lb of my moms scale.  Which means that hopefully this one is at least fairly accurate.  And guess what?  This one weighs a 5 lb weight at 5 lbs.  Imagine that. 


So… is good at the moment.  I survived the weekend of multi millions of calories and the scale keeps telling me sweet nothings every morning.  Now if I can just catch up on sleep so that dragging my bootie out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to run becomes a reality again.

My Weight/Measurement Chart – For the world to see.

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184.3 7/1/2010 8/2/2010 9/1/2010 10/1/2010 11/1/2010 12/1/2010 1/1/2011 Lost
Weight 182.4 175.8 170.6         13.7
Neck 14 14 14         0
Chest/Bust 42 41.75″ 41.25         0.75
Ribcage 36 35.5 34.5         1.5
Waist 34 33.5 32.25         1.75
Hips/Tummy 39.5 39 37.75         1.75
Hips/Bootie 42.25 42 41         1.25
Thighs 25 24.5 23.5         1.5
Calves 14.5 14.75 14.25         0.25
Upper Arm 12 12 12         0
Forearm 10 10 10         0
               Total 8.75

Non-Supportive Supporters

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Non-Supportive Supporters?


If you are the only one in your household or “click” that is on a diet, trying to better themselves physically, lose weight, get in shape, however you want to put it….then I am sure that you know what I am talking about.  They come in the form of co-workers, friends, spouses, parents, etc.  And though they mean well, they are known as “Non-Supportive Supporters”. 


I have a few.  Those that continuously tell you things like “you will never be in the shape you were when you were 20” or “our bodies just aren’t meant to be thin past a certain age” or “eat like a normal person” (as they are shoving a brownie at you).  These people may care for us dearly, and want to think that they are supporting us in our weight loss/fitness journey, but at some point, in some way, they are likely to sabotage this new lifestyle.  They might be easy to ignore if they do not live in the same household as you…..and the best way to deal with them may be to keep your dieting and exercise on the down-low.  Which is really sad, it’s human nature to want to share when we meet our goals or feel pride in running a mile!  What is even harder to handle are the times when your Non-Supporting Supporter is someone you live with.  My boyfriend is quite supportive.  However…….he does make fun of me eating “like a hippie”, meaning whole foods, vegetables, meat and smaller portions, healthy fiber bars, etc.  We have gotten used to cooking separate dinners side by side.  Personally, his comments at first bothered me…..but now they actually motivate me even more.  Changing my lifestyle, eating habits, exercise habits, etc is a decision that I made for myself.  No one else needs to approve or join along with me. 


Another thing that I have noticed about those who try to lead me astray from my healthy lifestyle goes……they are not healthy themselves.  Either overweight, out of shape, cannot control their appetites, etc.  There is usually something that they are telling themselves that they cannot overcome and they are scared of seeing someone else be able to, because it would prove to them that the little voice who tells THEM that THEY can’t is a lie.  It used to be that when my friends would tell me that I would never be able to run a marathon, or would never be in shape again like I was ten years ago…it used to really affect me.  I used to believe them.  And honestly I am not sure what triggered this different feeling, other than the fact that I learned that I have to believe in myself.  There is nothing that I cannot do unless I decide to allow myself to fail.  If I continue to listen to anyone or anything that tells me that I “can’t” then I never will.  But I will tell you this….to change that mindset is not easy.  It takes daily commitment.  A commitment to your mind, your body and your soul.  And the light at the end of the tunnel?  Maybe seeing you succeed will change the minds of those “Non-Supportive Supporters” in your life and show them that it CAN be done!


I lost track……how many days are left?

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I lost track…… many days do I have left? 



Weight: 170.4

Mood: Frustrated as all heck!


Last night I almost lost it.  I was all proud of myself for losing (almost) 15 lbs over the last two months.  Until I realized that I have been battling the last 3 lbs for weeks.  It’s not like I am at “those last few pounds”.  I have about 30 more to go.  I am SO frustrated with that.  Seems no matter what I do, I cannot break this 170 mark.  At my highest weight, I know that I was at 185.  I have been running 3-4x a week, weight lifting 2x a week, watching my calories/fat/carb/fiber content and drinking between 100-120 ounces of water a day.  There is absolutely NO reason I should not be losing weight.  As I sat there last night pondering over this I almost gave in and went to the kitchen for that infamous Hershey bar that has been sitting in the freezer for over a month.  I mean, why on earth can I not lose anything!  If I screw up AT ALL I gain three pounds back.  Which makes no sense.  How can an extra 200 calories gain three pounds back when I am burning WAY more than I have in the past.  So yes, frustration has set in.  As embarrassing as it may sound, I have even been known to move the scale to different places, shake it, cuss at it, and pretty much anything else you can do to an inanimate object to get it to give you just one shred of hope.  Nothing has worked.  Aside from getting off and on it repeatedly and it telling me that I weigh around “170-171.2”.  Would you just pick a number?!  Or at least let me count the calories burned getting on and off the darn thing as step aerobics?  Come on, give me something here! 


So if you haven’t figure it out by now, the scale and I are not friends.  Not in the least.  And even though I am trying to blame it on this evil piece of machinery, I don’t think that it’s the scales fault.  So then I am at a loss.  I will continue “eating like a hippie” as my boyfriend so eloquently puts it, exercising like a mad woman and consuming enough water that I have become very personal with the loo here at work……as well as every other place in town.  Someday, this is going to pay off. 

Pink, Shiney, Innocent and Evil!

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It hurts to laugh, it hurts to take a deep breath, getting out of bed this morning was a chore….and it DEFINITELY hurts to sneeze.  And all of this pain and agony is due to a pretty pink piece of evil rubber!  It’s called an exercise ball, and it acts all sweet and innocent and looks harmful enough.  Even when you blow it up, it sort of resembles a beach ball, which in turn provokes happy memories and good times at the pool, right?  Wrong.  At least not when I look at this particular “ball”.  Not anymore! 


Yesterday morning I was in my usual rush before work, trying to get a workout in before I had to get ready and head off to work for the day.  Being that I only had about 25 minutes and knew that I was due for an upper body weights workout, I decided to do some supersets.  Bicep Curls, Shoulder Presses, Side Raises, Triceps Extensions and then of course Chest Presses and Fly’s.  Well, to make use of this ball that I spent a good $20 on, I decided to use it instead of a bench.  No harm in that, right?  It was slightly more challenging to hold the correct form, but other than that, noticed nothing different.  That is, not until I went to get out of bed for my usual 3AM potty call (gotta love drinking so much water).  Let me tell you, my entire abdominal area felt like someone had spent a full day punching each muscle from the inside out.  Sort of thrilled to know that I had worked my abs at the same time as my other muscles, without having to put any effort into a hideous crunch was a good feeling……till my allergies kicked in.  Now, I live in wheat country and during harvest there is nothing I can take or do that gets rid of them.  So I am doomed for weeks of ear aches, sneezing, etc.  I am so used to it by now that I hardly notice it.  UNTIL today, when a good ol’ sneeze comes on.  I have had plenty of broken bones in my time and quite honestly, some completely out of shape, tortured stomach muscles during a sneeze feel a lot like a broken rib.  Holy shamoly.  I now have a whole new respect for that innocent pink ball………..and yes, it will definitely become part of my regular workout.

57 days and the Meat Man is evil……..

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Weight: 170.6

Mood: Excited, Frustrated….and so glad it’s Friday!


To start things off today I have to say how thrilled I am at the responses that I have gotten regarding this blog!  Its too funny, I honestly never thought anyone would really read it.  Just started it as another tool to keep myself in check on a daily basis and to remind myself that this weight loss/fit for life/back to happy with my body venture is real and can no longer be something I am willing to ignore.  Plus, I love to write….so thought it would be the perfect thing to start.  It just tickles me pink that not only is someone actually reading it, but that they might actually be enjoying it!  J


So, this morning was W1D3 of C25K (Couch to 5K).  I was a victim of the snooze button this morning, till I have that epiphany that I was getting up for a reason!  Contemplated putting it off till tonight (which we all know wouldn’t have happened) and even tried to tell myself that I had already slept through too much of my workout time.  As I lie there making up excuses, I already started to get mad at myself for missing it, and basically told myself that I was going to remain where I was at health wise and “isn’t this attitude what got you here in the first place?”.  Well, if that doesn’t get a girl out of bed, I don’t know what will.  So I got up, weighed myself, shrugged, brushed my teeth and put on my tennis shoes to head out the door.  By this time, all I got in was a 20 minute workout, but at least I did it!  Definitely need to get this early riser thing down pat.


So then I get to work, sipping my specially made Starbucks order that I have actually grown to really enjoy.  Poor girls did what they could to make me a drink that I liked that also fit within my calorie/fat/sugar qualifications, but they have definitely done it.  Very thankful to them.  As I am sitting here at my desk, we get our monthly visit from none other than “The Meat Man”.  He is a wonderfully chipper human being who’s family makes all of their own jerky, bacon, brats, steak, pepperoni sticks, etc all from their own home raised grass fed stock.  Gotta love living in a small farming town.  He has wonderfully smelling samples of everything.  Evil man.  He was a little thrown off however when I asked him about the sugar content in some of his jerky.  He never really gave me a straight answer, blamed his lack of knowledge on the fact that his Mom and Dad are also first cousins.  Well, making wonderful meat must really run in the family.  J. 

I got away with a few tastes, and split a half of a very lean beef stick with jalapenos in it with another guy I work with.  Trust me, I am a meat freak so that was tough for me.



58 days…….Looking Up!

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58 days……looking better!



Weight: 170.6!!!!!!

Mood: Motivated!


I have come to the realization that I am a buff chick stuck in a body that just hasn’t realized that is what it’s supposed to be yet.  Sort of like the people that you see at fairs and such dressed in the oversized, air filled Sumu wrestler costumes.  I have always admired a girl with muscles, and as much as some people despise it, I think that it looks healthy and sexy!  I would much rather have too much muscle than too much cellulite!  I also had forgotten how much I loved weight training.  About ten years ago I dated and was good friends with a wonderful man that competed in the Professional Strongman competitions.  Though I have no drive to do anything near that, I loved the passion that he and his whole family shared for being fit and strong.  He taught me how to work out, how to get the most of my workouts and how to eat.  I constantly ask myself why I went off of that route.  I was never “thin”.  But was 135-140 lbs and solid.  A perfect size 7. Though I know what it was that got me off of that realm of thinking and changed my lifestyle, now I look back and regret it.  That is the first time that I have actually openly said that.  Yes, I regret that portion of my life.  This is a little off topic, but whatever you do in life, never let anyone drag you down.  Never let anyone make you feel like less than the wonderful person that you are.  And NEVER change your life or what makes you happy!!!!! 


But enough of that….what is in the past is exactly that.  The past.  Time to move on and find that perfect size 7 again! 

I have definitely noticed that my stomach is shrinking.  The “diet plan” that I have been following is my own edited version of the Medifast Plan.  My Mom is on Medifast and is doing wonderfully, so I adapted to the same sort of idea, but not with all of their food.  Simply can’t afford it!  I eat 5-6 times a day, very small portions, high fiber, high protein, low carb.  I love it.  I do notice that my evening meal, which usually consists of fish or chicken and vegetables fills me up completely!  I am averaging between 1100-1400 calories a day.  Last night I actually felt stuffed after dinner.  7 ounces of Tilapia and 1 grilled zucchini.  Not much!

After dinner I took the dogs for a nice, moderate 25 minute walk.  They enjoyed it and so did I.  Just enough to stretch my sort of tense muscles from my morning C25K workout.  Then this morning I did a short 20 minute high intensity weight lifting workout.  Worked biceps, chest and shoulders, light weight, to exhaustion.  Cannot wait to get them back into shape.  I definitely see a gym membership or decent home gym set up in my near future. 

59 Days…..Will Someone Explain This To My Scale?

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59 days and counting…………and the %*$#)! Scale is counting the wrong way!?! 



Weight: 173.2

Mood: Totally Peeved…..but proud I got my bootie out of bed for W1D2 of C25K.


I cannot even put into words how depressed I was when I stepped on the scale this morning.  I mean, really?  Is it possible to GAIN two pounds in one day?  Geez!!  Of course, I would like to believe that it’s possible to LOSE 2 lbs in one day…….but I have made my mind up that the gaining part is just not an option.  On top of it, I was really proud of myself for being at “almost” 15 lbs lost…..till I realized that I haven’t been battling the same 5 pounds for a month!  Not necessarily on my schedule!  Something has GOT to change. 


But, on the bright side of the day, I was able to drag my lazy bum up out of bed early enough to attack my 2nd day of C25K.  I am proud of myself for that.  I am really going to put all that I have into this program.  I have never in my life been able to really “run” for any length of time.  Even in my early twenties when all I think I did was work out, my running stamina sucked.  I love the idea of being able to actually call myself a runner.  Currently, I am a runner for my allotted 60 second intervals….and trust me, the 90 seconds of walking in between is much appreciated.  I do love the way that I feel afterward though and wish that I would have had time this morning to go for another 10 minutes.  Just means getting up another 15 minutes earlier Friday.  I do however think that it is time to spend some $$ on a good pair of running shoes.  My cross trainers from 10 years ago might not have much wear and tear on them, but they are just not going to cut it.  Oh darn, one of my favorite things to do…..SHOP! 

60 days…..not a bad start.

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Weight: 171.2 YIPPEE!

Mood: Good for a Monday morning


I did it!!!!  After a frustrating day with my least favorite mechanical device (the dreaded scale), lots of yard and garden work, horse time and stall cleaning at the barn, I tried to “allow” myself to put off my first day of C25K.  I tried to make excuses, even tried telling myself that it was too late in the day, etc.  BUT…in the end, the voice of my 65 year old aunt won out.  I mean, how in the world can I NOT train when I know that she is counting on me to run with her next Spring?  And how can I make excuses when I am half her age, basically healthy and TRYING to lose weight?  So…….I did my first run/walk session.  And guess what?  It felt good!  Well, aside from the lack of breath, side aches, occasional shooting pain in my left knee and feeling that my shoulder was broken again.  At first I thought it was going to be a breeze, but by the third 60 second run session, I thought I was going to die.  Blamed it on the major headwind that I was getting, but in all reality, that was just a minor factor.  I think I went over my 20 minute time that they suggest, since I was gone for almost 45 minutes and went about two and a half miles.  But, it was so nice to feel like I was actually working out again.  Tonight is a light weight training session, or a walk to loosen up.  Haven’t decided yet. 

61 days to Vegas……

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So how much can a girl change her body in 61 days?  I am about to find out.  Now before you get started on a rampage that “weight loss is a life change not a 61 day change” trust me, I know.  This is a life “alteration”.  I know how to be healthy, I know how to work out, I know that I should never have let myself go.  But unfortunately I did.  And over the last couple of months I have gotten my diet a little more in check, my portions under MUCH more control and my mind in a much better spot.  In doing so, I have lost between 10-15 lbs, depending on which day you would like to look at the scale.  BUT…….in this “life alteration” I have another 30-35 left to go…..along with much needed exercise and muscle.  I am one of those wierd girls that would love to look like a fitness model and am definitely not scare of some muscle gain.  The more the merrier.

But….this trip to Vegas is something that I am very excited about.  Not only is it a great little vacation but its also the first time that I will be meeting my “hopefully” future MIL and GMIL.  And no, I am not trying to lose the weight for them.  I am losing it for myself and my self esteem.  Something that I have been working on getting back after a not so great marriage and divorce a few years back.  I feel that I have done everything the last few years since then to better myself and realize that I do not need someone else in my life, nor someone to make me happy.  You create your own happiness.  However, having someone in your life that constantly drags you down is not healthy either.  I like myself.  I like where my life is headed.  And just to add some frosting to that cake, I have a man in my life that just adds to that happiness.  For the first time ever I am experiencing a true relationship and what happiness I never knew was really out there.  SO………..yes, I am nervous about meeting his family.  Excited, scared, happy, you name it, its there.

Enough with that, back to the meaning of this post.  This is my startup.  I am happy with the progress I have made so far.  But I want more!  And I am determined to get it.

According to my lovely little scale this morning, I am at 172.8 lbs.  Now, two days ago it said 171.0.  Though I have been on track, who knows that the little devil is thinking when I go to step on it.  But that is another story.  So here are my goals:

SW 8/22/10  – 172.8

GW 8/29/10 – 169.5

GW 9/05/10 – 167.5

GW 9/12/10 – 165.5

GW 9/19/10 – 165.5 (Business trip to St Louis)

GW 9/26/10 – 163.5

GW 10/03/10 – 161.5

GW 10/10/10 – 159.5

GW 10/17/10 – 157.5

+ Keeping calories/portions in check every day, allowing for one cheat meal a week, but portion correct

+ C25K Starting TODAY.  Three to Four times a week, following program.  Walking on off days.  Weight lifting 3 nights a week.

+ Will weigh in once a week, write in journal 5 times a week and take monthly measurements.  Next measurement on 9/5/10.

+ Lots of water.  Averaging 90-120 ounces.  Keep it up!

Now……… I go.  This WILL be an awesome adventure!

I simply do not like my scale……

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Its not that its not nice to me on most days, its that its not consistent.  You cannot tell me that I weigh the same with jeans and shoes on as I do standing there in nothing but what God gave me.  You just can’t.  And what is up with this teasing my with a 164.8 when that is OBVIOUSLY not correct?  Then flashing Error.  Asshole.  Even changing your battery doesn’t work.  The instructions clearly state, “replace battery”, “put light pressure on the scale and scale with flash “0” then turn off”.  Nope, replaced battery and the darn thing just decided to tell me that my “light pressure” weighed 17lbs.

Thinking of going back to the good old standard scale that doesn’t have a mind of its own.