Crabby Patties

DH qualifies.  He’s one cranky, crabby ass these days.  I know he feels miserable but he is NOT a good patient. Yesterday, I was worried because he spent all day in bed.  The day before that was an all day sleep and the day before that.  This morning, he’s up and mean as a snake.  I finally told him to go back to bed.

He wants to vent and I understand that.  But he also needs to understand that this is not easy for me either. Since DH has been sick, he’s letting a friend use his car so we only have my car.  He woke up this morning and was griping about Steven having jury duty.  I don’t know why it was a problem this morning.  I’ve been dropping DH off for radiation, running Steven downtown for jury duty and getting back to pick up DH as soon as he finishes radiation.  Steven was supposed to be at jury duty at 9:30 this morning instead of 9:00. DH starts complaining that he’s going to finish radiation and have to wait and he doesn’t feel good.  Steven suggested I go ahead and drop him off at the regular time but DH wanted to argue about it for some reason. He said that wasn’t necessary and yet he continued to complain about the situation.  So I suggested DH go ahead and go to radiation (which is a ten minute drive from home and only takes 10 minutes) and I would take Steven to jury duty when he got back.  Steven might have been 5 or 10 minutes late but he said that wasn’t a problem since he’s just sitting in the jury pool.  DH went to radiation and then called me and said he was heading home and to have Steven come out to the car when he got there and he’d run him downtown. Although it wasn’t a problem for me to take Steven and I was dressed and ready to go, he insisted on taking him.  After he returned, he griped about how bad he feels and how hard it was on him to take Steven all the way downtown.

In other words, he’s looking for things to argue about.

The hand and foot syndrome has spread to his face and it looks like he has a sunburn.  He was applying the lotion to his face and wanted me to do it.  So I started applying it and then he got all upset because I got close to his mouth and he said it tasted bad.  I never even got near his lips and yet he insisted that he could taste it.

Next, it was on to complaining about Steven not putting the toaster away or hanging up his towel and a ten minute search and rant about an insurance card that he said I’d misplaced.  It turned up in his coat pocket.

And on and on and on…until he said, “I might as well just go back to bed!” and I said, “Please! I agree.  Go back to bed.  You’re driving me crazy!”

They’ve cancelled DH’s last chemo treatment which would have been tomorrow since he’s having problems with the hand and foot syndrome.  I guess he’s at about the worst point in this series and I hope he starts feeling better soon.  Hopefully, the effects of the chemo will begin to abate and he’ll get his appetite back and his hands and feet will get better.

Now the house is quiet and I can get some cleaning done.


laura705 says 31st January @ 12:48

Not an easy time right now. I imagine that the girls weekend you mentioned in you previous post is sounding better and better. I hope the chemo effectes ease up for your hubby.

watchingweight4wedding says 31st January @ 12:51

I feel for you. I read this years posts and I am so sorry for all the pain you are and have been going through. You are a great sister, a great daughter, and a great wife.

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