And here I sit

I dropped my brother off for his cardiac catherization at 6:00 a.m. this morning.  Stayed with him until they got ready to take him back to a prep room and then left.  He was worried about Kim being alone and I don’t blame him.  I never realized how much he does for her until I decided to stay with her while he does whatever he needs to do.  He got her up and I helped her dress and moved her into the living room and turned on the TV.  She’s deaf but she uses closed captioning and loves to watch “I Love Lucy” and “2 1/2 Men”.

I got back at 7:15 and fixed breakfast and coffee for Kim.  Mike didn’t want her to eat or drink before we left because there wouldn’t be anyone here to take her to the bathroom.  Little sister is going to get Mom settled and leave her son in charge while she goes to the hospital around nine.  She’ll stay until noon when Kim’s visiting “aide” (not sure what she really is) comes to be with her from noon to 4:00 and I’ll tag team with Donna so she can go home and take care of Mom for a while.

If Mike isn’t out of surgery or settled in a room by 4:00, I’ll come back here to take care of Kim and little sister will take the next hospital shift.

Whew!  All these sick people!  The doctor said if he gets in there and needs to do a stent or a minor procedure, he’ll go ahead and do it.  If Mike needs something major, they’ll send him to Louisville in an ambulance and do it there.

I honestly don’t know how he does it.  I’ve only been here a week and a half and I’m bored out of my mind.  I guess it’s different if it’s your house and you have things to do but the highlight of the day, for me, is walking the dog.  Kim is able to speak, a little, but not enough to really carry on a conversation.  The house is immaculate, so there’s no cleaning to be done.  It’s 27 degrees, way too cold to go outside, and I wouldn’t want to leave Kim alone anyway.  Kim’s only entertainment is TV so I don’t want to interfere with her watching it but I just don’t get into “I Love Lucy.”  So I:

  • take Kim to the bathroom
  • plan dinner
  • play on the computer
  • give Kim her meds and meals
  • and….
  • and nothing

Come on, big brother!  Get well soon.  I’m homesick.

10:30 Update – Just got a call from Mike.  They still haven’t taken him back but he said he’s next in line.  I hope so, he’s already been there for almost five hours.  Let’s move it, guys!  I know hospitals and surgical suites are not exactly on a rigid schedule but this is ridiculous.  I thought he was calling to tell me the results.


laura705 says 14th January @ 17:36

I hope your brother’s procedure goes well and you can get back to caring for your husband soon.

pepagirl says 15th January @ 1:40

Prayers for your brother, you are doing so much right now I hope that you are taking a little time out to relax too. Stay strong!

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