Lost in Twoson

I’ve been wandering around in a daze for weeks now. Trying to deal with Mom and DH in the hospital and retirement issues and everything else. About the only thing I haven’t been dealing with is diet and exercise.

I weighed myself this morning. Woke up with a firm resolve to get back in the fight. I weigh 207.5. Seems like I’ve been stuck in Twoson for years. I was so close to Onederland and then started backtracking.

The days and weeks keep piling up. Mom gets a little better, then she gets worse. And I spend my time running back and forth to Elizabethtown to see her. Eating at fast food venues when I can. Rushing back home and picking up pizza or a bucket of chicken for dinner. Even when I’m home, I feel like I’m so behind that I can’t focus.

Yesterday, DIL came over and asked if her niece could go on the cruise with us in February. I don’t care. Long as she pays her way it doesn’t make any difference to me and it will give DGD, Holly, someone to hang around with. But it brought home thoughts of the cruise and how I was determined to be in better shape. So I could wear some of my nice clothes and feel better.

So I decided that I have to get back to work. Today, I’m aiming for a perfect day. Eating right and finding some way to get some exercise. The pool is a dead issue. Gone for the year. It’s raining so I don’t want to ride my bike. Guess I’m going to try to spend some time on the treadmill.

That’s got to be later, though. Right now, I have to take Andrew for a job interview.


brseay says 14th October @ 16:00

Is Donnie in the hospital, too? I know his heart has been acting up again but I wasn’t sure what the outcome was. Sending you some much needed strength, my friend 🙂

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