Could be.  I was caught off guard this morning.  Stepped out of the shower and caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror and was kind of taken aback.  I can see that I’m losing weight.  Just a hint of an indentation where my waist used to be.  Might be actually making some progress here.

The scales don’t show it.  Up a pound from yesterday.  Of course, it’ll come off.  It’s just normal flucuations but I can’t help thinking that I’ve eaten a lot of carbs in the last two or three days.  Trying to satisfy DH.  We had spaghetti for lunch Sunday.  Leftover sauce with ground turkey.  He ate the pasta but opened a jar of Ragu and fried some ground beef for his.  No ground turkey for him!  I didn’t say anything because I couldn’t believe he was eating lunch.  I was careful not to eat too much pasta but pasta is pasta no matter how you look at it.  Last night, I made a thai noodle salad with chicken and used rice vermicelli as a base.  Maybe today should be a salad day.  Still, DH is doing better and I hate to mess with success.

DH has terrible eating habits.  He’s diabetic and should eat several small meals during the day.  After his recent hospitalization, he was told to eat no sugar, low-fat, low-carb and limit sodium.  Try working with that!  He’s 6’3″ and weighs 250.  He could stand to lose 50 pounds.  His lifelong eating habits consist of skipping breakfast and lunch, coming home from work to eat pretzels (or tortilla chips and salsa) while consuming beer or alcoholic beverages until around 6:00 when he wants to eat a big dinner.  Then he goes to bed around 7:00 and gets up at 3:30 to do it all over again.  He seems to take a kind of perverse pride in not eating all day.  It can be 3:00 in the afternoon and neither of us have eaten and I’ll say I’m hungry and he gives me this look…like “How can you be hungry?  It’s not even dinner time.”

So, imagine my surprise, the last couple of days, when he’s told me that this new medicine he’s on is making him hungry.  He told me he was starving yesterday and was driving me crazy from the time he got home at 4:00 until I had dinner ready at 5:30.  Said he got so hungry at work that he didn’t feel good.  I packed him a lunch last night and put it in the fridge.  A container of tomato juice (which he likes), 2 hard-boiled eggs, a slice of whole grain bread, a very small container of chicken salad, and a carton of lite lemon yogurt.  I left him a note telling him his lunch was in the fridge and I woke up to find that he’s taken it.  Wonder how much of it he’ll eat?

I did 120 laps in the pool yesterday.  Yay!  That was my goal.  120 laps = 1 hour of jogging in the pool.  That’s a nice round number so I won’t be adding laps anymore this year.  In fact, the pool is getting so cold I probably won’t be doing laps much longer.  I’ll have to switch to aerobics, bicycling or the treadmill.  Aerobics would probably be best.  Bicycling and the treadmill only work on my legs and general weight loss.  My upper body could certainly use some help.  Maybe I’ll see if I can get my old low-impact aerobic tape functioning today.  I think we have an old TV in the boys’ room that plays tapes.  They hook it up to one of their game systems and use it for that.  I have a couple of newer CDs that I could look at…

Enough.  Time for me to wash my coffee cup and get something accomplished around here.

12:30 Update – Did my laps and it wasn’t fun.  The temperature of the water is down to 69 degrees and the pool is in shade.  Felt pretty chilly.  This time of year, with the change in the sun’s path, the neighbor’s trees pretty much keep the entire pool shaded.  There was one tiny little area where the sun was shining and I got to go through that patch for about 8 seconds on each lap.  Wish the entire pool was in the sun.  That eight seconds felt good.  At any rate, I did my hour.

Came in to find that the Sistah’s sent out a thread of emails and have decided on dinner next week.  We try to meet at least once a month, a group of friends and colleagues that have been together for years, and I think it’s even more important that I meet with them now.  Since I’ve retired, we won’t be running into each other through work.   Looking at the emails, there’s been one suggestion after another until everyone has just given in and decided to go to Hammerheads.  I haven’t been there before but I certainly don’t like the looks of the menu.  Nothing low calorie here!  I guess I’ll wind up with a salad.  It’s a shame, some of the suggestions would have had plenty of yummy, heathy choices.  I mean, really, who the Hell wants a duck taco or elk burger?  There’s absolutely nothing I can eat here but a boring old salad.  I thought about making another suggestion but it’s been hashed and changed and negotiated while I was out in the pool and I don’t want to start the whole thing over again.  It’s not that I don’t think I should be entitled to take a night off now and then and eat whatever I want, it’s just that this menu doesn’t really seem to have anything I want bad enough to waste the calories.


laura705 says 21st August @ 12:05

Great job on the exercise. Maybe it’s a good thing your dh’s meds make him hungry so he eats something during the day. I just couldn’t skip meals like that – not sure how he does -isn’t his work physical? Everyone needs fuel…

patty says 22nd August @ 10:01

No, his work isn’t physical at all. He sits on his hiney all day long. Drives a city bus and literally SITS all day long without getting up.

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