Cheese is cheese and there’s no substitute.  I bought fat-free swiss cheese.  I figured, “Hey, this stuff only has 30 calories and no fat and real swiss has 100 calories and is almost all fat.”  Problem is, it doesn’t taste like anything.  I used it a couple of times and had to lift up the slice of bread to make sure it was on there.  Nothing.  No taste at all.

I learned.  30 calories and no taste is not worth it.  I might as well add another 70 calories and have a slice of cheese on my sandwich.  So I went out and bought some of the good stuff and had a great roasted turkey breast sandwich on 15 grain bread.

Some things shouldn’t be fattening.  Cheese is one of them.  It’s a good, natural food so it should be good for you.  Same thing with olives, avocodos, corn, milk and nuts.  Why do you have to be tricky, God?  Apples, I can see.  Forbidden fruit.  I got it.  So how come they’re so healthy?  Eve didn’t tempt Adam with a slice of swiss cheese.

Mental ravings…I’m sitting here waiting to hear word on DH.  He thought he’d be coming home today and I was all happy and excited.  He said his doctor usually makes his rounds pretty early.  He called me and said another doctor came in today and seemed surprised that he thought he’d be going home.  He said they usually like to keep patients for a couple of days after starting this new heart regulating drug and he didn’t think DH would be leaving until tomorrow. He ended by adding, “Anyway, it’s up to your heart doctor.  He’ll be the one to make the decision.”  So where is the guy?

I got up early and got the house all spiffy.  Got dressed and I’m just waiting for the call.  Didn’t weigh myself this morning and I don’t want to now because it’s the wrong time of day and I’m fully dressed.

I need to get to school.  I still have a ton of stuff I need to clear out of my ex-classroom.  School starts back in just week and a half and I need to get my stuff sorted and taken care of.  I wasn’t putting it off.  It was more a case of Mom’s hospitalization and DH’s hospitalization that made me delay.  And now, my car isn’t running right and I don’t want to try to drive all the way to school.  I’m using DH’s little rat trap car and, if I were to take one of the grandkids to help me load stuff, there wouldn’t be any room left in the car.  I had planned on taking my car and towing a small trailer we use for the lawnmower.  That way, one trip and I can have it done.  I can’t load up a file cabinet, my desk chair, a binding machine, my refrigerator and microwave and all my books and stuff in DH’s car.

Enough stream of conciousness.  I’m going to do some laundry.


tjnorth says 7th August @ 22:36

I hope hubby makes it home tomorrow. Kudos for maintaining a healthy focus on yourself in the midst of all of this. And yes, the good cheese is worth it!

laura705 says 10th August @ 12:12

I hope your hubby is back home now. Sometimes I’m curious about some of the RF, LF and FF items, but usually I don’t want to bother because I know they can’t be as flavorful as the full-fat versions. And because bf wouldn’t want them, lol.

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