I set aside 15 pair of shoes for my yard sale yesterday.  Those shoes join the 15 pair I had already set aside. 

Since summer began, I’ve been systematically going through the house cleaning out closets and drawers and getting stuff together for a yard sale.  I’m not a good candidate for hosting a yard sale.  I’ve only had one in my life and I wasn’t happy with it.  I spent days advertising, organizing stuff, washing, ironing and getting clothes ready to sell.  It was pitiful.  I’d have a $100 jacket that I’d worn only a couple of times marked for $15.00 and have someone haggling to buy it for $5.00. 

 I’m a glutton for kitchen appliances and tried to sell ice cream makers, bread machines, blenders, electric woks and all kinds of stuff for next to nothing and still have people offering less than nothing.  After two days of sitting out in the front yard in the hot sun, I think I made about $100 and then I loaded it all into DS’s van and took it to Goodwill.  Swore I’d never do it again but here I am… 

 I started out at the beginning of the summer donating items as I went from one room to another but, after a while, I thought, “This is crazy.  I ought to try to sell some of this stuff.”  By the way, I’d already donated twenty pair of shoes before I decided to have a yard sale.

On yesterday’s topic, I think Mom was transferred to a nursing home close to her home last night.  Maybe Little Sis knows what she’s doing after all.  She made arrangements for them to have Mom for three weeks to try to get her up and moving and then she’ll be going to rehab if all goes well.  I haven’t called her yet this morning but I’m going to get off here, call little sis, work on the treadmill for a few minutes and get my shower.

11:45 Update: I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and threw in 10 abdominal crunches.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but, considering my behavior of the last couple of years, it’s a significant event!  As I listened to the old familiar tracks on my MP3 workout list, it brought back memories of pushing myself to the limit.  I remember using the treadmill as a warm-up for step aerobics.  I’m nowhere near that point again but I felt good about being up in my workout room again and putting forth some effort.

Weighed in and I’m the same as yesterday which is fine with me.

Called Little Sis and found out that Mom is safe and secure in the nursing home where she’ll be for three weeks.  Whether or not she starts doing what she’s supposed to is up to her.  Hopefully, she’ll put forth the effort and begin to regain her strength.

4:30 Update – Damn noodles…I ate a bowl of leftover Beef Barley soup for lunch and dumped a cup of noodles in it.  I always cook the noodles in a separate pan in beef broth so they won’t get soggy.  I’ve been eating this soup for two days and, not really thinking, I dumped a cup of noodles in my soup at lunch.  When I entered my lunch, I discovered that the noodles had more calories than the entire 2 cups of soup.  210 calories for some damn noodles!

So I made myself go out to the pool and do 60 laps to neutralize the noodles. I did not want to do laps.  Still, I hung in there and burned off around 150 calories. 

No more noodles…


laura705 says 31st July @ 11:56

Best wishes to your mother, and I hope she’s back at home soon.

Re selling items – I think yard sales are not the ideal way to sell items like clothing/shoes because like you said, people expect to pay nothing. Are your items nice enough to sell via a consignment shop? Do you have a local craigslist.com site through which you could sell some of the more valuable items individually (or in groups)? Otherwise it might be worth your while to just donate them and make sure you value them appropriately for for fair market value (not the give-it-away yard sale pricing, lol) for tax deduction purposes.

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