Jump Start!

Not happy this morning.  The scales are showing 214.5  No!  You didn’t!

Tried it again and it showed the same thing.  I know it’s going to flucuate but it’s frustrating.  I lost 2 pounds earlier this week, next day it showed one of them back.  That pound hung on through the next day and I was sure it would show a loss this morning but, instead, it shows another half pound gain.  Guess I should look at it as a net loss of .5 lb. but I’m not thrilled with it.

So I’m determined to work my butt off today and make sure I show a loss tomorrow.  I’d planned on eating a hard-boiled egg for breakfast and a cup of tomato juice but someone ate my eggs.  I know it’s not good to skip breakfast so I’m going to slug down a cup of tomato juice anyway and get some more breakfast food around here that I can eat.  DH is eating sausage and biscuits and the twins are eating frozen pancakes with butter and syrup.  I’m feeling neglected with my tomato juice.

I’m leaving in a little bit to go see Mom.  Hope it’s a gratifying experience.

More later…

3:00 p.m. – It’s later…so here’s some more… Mom was better today.  Feeling cranky about the “service” at the hospital and says she’s not ever coming back to that hospital even if it means she has to change doctors.  She ate some fried fish and mashed potatoes and was looking forward to lasagna for lunch.  Hopefully, she’s get moving and get out of there.

I really didn’t trust the calories burned by water jogging as quoted on this site so I wore my personalized HRM during my pool workout.  It’s set for my age, gender, height and weight so I trust it  more than a generalized table.  It shows I burned 150 calories during my 30 minutes of pool jogging.  NOT 294 as shown by the table on MFP.  I adjusted things accordingly.

Hopefully, I can find some time to get upstairs and work out on the treadmill for a few minutes.  It’s cooler today so maybe the upstairs won’t be too bad.  Even though we have air conditioning, it gets pretty hot up there in my workout room during the summer.

7:30 p.m. – I made beef barley soup for dinner and some Kroger Bake-it-yourself multigrain french bread.  Ate a bowl of soup and had two small slices of bread with about a tablespoon of butter.  Then…because I said today was a jump start, I went upstairs with a bottle of windex and some papertowels and cleaned half an inch of dust off my treadmill.  Cranked up the old MP3 and walked for 20 minutes.  I know…20 minutes is pitiful but it’s the first time I’ve been on the treadmill in a LONG time so I feel good about it.  Now, if I can just resist temptation this evening, I’ll have done the best I can do to show a pleasant picture on the scales tomorrow.

By the way…I decided to smuggle some homemade beef barley soup to Mom tomorrow.  Maybe she’ll eat it.  She loves my homemade soups.


laura705 says 30th July @ 10:54

You sounded so frustrated in your last post, so I’m glad to hear your mother started eating and appears to have had enough of the hospital. That will hopefully motivate her to do what she must to get out of there.

Good job dusting off that treadmill and hopping on!

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