I’m so frustrated with Mom.  I don’t know how to feel about it.  I’m not sure if I should feel sorry for her, angry with her or just plain aggravated.  She’s acting like a two year old and it’s stressing out the entire family.

She should have had her surgery, been on liquids the first day, solids the next day and discharged.  Instead, she’s refusing to do anything to get better.  Little sister talked them into putting her on a semi-liquid diet to see if she’d eat but it hasn’t helped.  They moved her from ICU yesterday and put her in a regular room because they say there’s no reason for her to be in ICU.  As soon as she starts eating again, she can go home.

I called this morning and got her room number and tried to call her but she didn’t answer.  I called Little Sister and she said she had to call the nurses station, have them go in the room, call back so they could answer the phone and hand it to Mom.  And it’s right there beside her!  As for her semi-liquid diet…it doesn’t seem to be helping.  The nurse said she ate a couple spoonfuls of ice cream and then left the rest.  She didn’t touch her jello, chicken noodle soup, pudding or anything else.  Said she didn’t want it.  Hell!  I didn’t want my hard-boiled egg or tomato juice for breakfast but I ate it.  Ate it because I know I have to eat three meals a day and eat healthy foods so I can feel better.  I don’t want to go out to the pool and do 60 laps but I will.  Because I know I need to do it.

As long as she’s in the hospital here in Louisville, it’s putting pressure on me to drive all the way downtown, pay for parking and then walk to the hospital, visit her, and then drive all the way home.  I feel like I have to go everyday to make sure she’s okay.  Unless one of my siblings does it.  And that means they have to drive an hour each way. I’m the only family member living in town. Today, she’s being visited by big brother, whose wife had a stroke a couple of years ago and can’t be left alone.  He has to hire someone to watch her while he makes the trip.  She’s also being visited by her nephew and little sister and they both have to make the same trip.  I feel so conflicted with emotions but I feel like I’m enabling her if I do things for her when she won’t do anything for herself.

Enough about Mom.  My rant is finished.  I’m also frustrated because I gained a half pound today.  No reason for it and I know my weight is going to flucuate but it’s still a bit discouraging. 

Sorry for the pity party.  Time to clean the house,do my laps and plan a healthy dinner.  Speaking of healthy dinners, that low-fat Weight Watchers tomato dill soup sucked.  That’s one recipe that I can throw out.  But, Hey!, I ate it, Mom.

I also gave myself a pretty decent manicure and pedicure and scrounged around to find a couple of nice rings to wear everyday.


badfaith says 28th July @ 15:01

The weight is probably because of the frustration! Stress can really hinder weight loss. I have a very similar problem with my Mum, but she’s out of hospital (and has been told she’s fine and she was fine the time before she was in hospital – two spells in since April and she’s fine!) but she’s complaining constantly!! I have to drive an hour to the hospital 😮

badfaith says 28th July @ 15:01

( just keep going and make sure you focus on yourself too x

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