Hope you tumble down into a lush field of four leaf clovers!  Me?  I’ll most likely be dealing with dandelions more than clover.  I hope to get out and start cleaning the garden this weekend.  DS managed to get a load of manure dumped on the garden across the street and I hope he didn’t make a mistake.  He has just enough gardening experience to get into trouble.  Is the manure aged?  He doesn’t know.  He’ll be out there with shovels and the roto tiller.

Not much to say this morning.  Other than it’s Saturday and I’m trying to tip toe around and let everyone sleep in.  We have DGS’s Jake and Scout this weekend.  Dumbass ex DIL, Stacy, spent $5,000 on a boob job yesterday and DS is keeping the boys for two weeks while she “recovers”.  Stupid bitch.  Jake wanted $35 to go on a field trip over spring break to see the Blue Man Group and she told him she couldn’t afford it.  Yeah, I know, I don’t want to go there…

Not much going on but I’m trying to cultivate some good habits again and one of them is to begin blogging regularly.



I tried to post on your blog again and got this result.

“The post you are trying to comment on does not curently exist in the database.”


leighish says 20th March @ 13:18

some people. <3 Miss you Patty.

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