Early morning coffee

I didn’t sleep well last night.  Actually, I slept pretty good from midnight to 5:00 but I just did a lot of tossing and turning after that until I gave up at 6:00 and went to the kitchen.  My back was hurting so I made some coffee and took it out to the spa.

The weather took me by surprise.  Yesterday was a chilly 45 degrees and it was windy.  I opened the door to a balmy 70 degrees and it’s been raining.   There wasn’t a breath of air stirring.  Kind of gray and muggy.  We have new neighbors and they keep their house lit up like a Christmas tree.  It’s actually rather annoying.  I miss the dark.  Their house gives off just enough light to feel like an intrusion.

We always go to our place in Florida over Thanksgiving and DH announced on Thursday that he doesn’t want to go.  Wants to wait until Christmas.  To be honest, I didn’t particularly want to go either so I’m going to be fixing a Thanksgiving dinner at home.  First time in at least five years.  I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving dinner in Florida but it’s a scaled down version.  Usually a turkey, corn casserole, green beans, stuffing, gravy and homemade biscuits.  If I’m going to stay home, I’m going all out this year.  Planning to fry a turkey, make stuffing and gravy, green beans, corn casserole, cranberry celebration, hashbrown casserole, chicken and dumplings, homemade biscuits, derby pie and carrot cake.  I want to include all the kids and grandkids favorites.

I started doing some heavy duty cleaning yesterday and I’m going to continue today.  It started when I went downstairs to look for my turkey fryer and saw all the junk and clutter down there.  I spent all day working on it and didn’t finish but I did manage to get a huge pile of junk set aside for donation and a big pile for the trash.  It feels good to be making headway.  I haven’t felt like doing a heavy duty shakedown for quite a while and I feel like I’m purging.  I got rid of a bread machine, ice cream maker, food processor, two coffeemakers, four lamps, etc.  If I haven’t used them for three or four years, I figure I won’t miss them. I found a box full of nice platters and serving trays that I didn’t even know I was missing.  I’ve been using the plastic disposable stuff for the last few years.  After taking a look at the tarnish on some of the silver pieces, I decided to put them back in the box.

My Honolulu Choo Choo is pretty much a bust.  Especially since DH doesn’t want to go there either.  I keep giving in to him because I know he feels awful and I always worry about how long I’m going to have him around.  On the other hand, I’m always angry that he won’t do anything about it.  If you eat garbage when you have diabetes, drink to excess every day and refuse to do anything even vaguely resembling exercise, you’re going to feel bad.  I fluctuate between anger and pity with him.  I always wonder, in the back of my mind, if there’s something he’s not telling me.  He really wanted to go on a cruise this summer and I didn’t.  I enjoy taking a cruise but there’s nothing to do but eat, shop and go to the shows.  And, since he doesn’t want to go to the shows, that leaves eating and shopping.  Instead, I talked him into going to an all-inclusive, adults-only resort in Cozumel.  I had pretty much decided on the Aura resort but one of my friends has been to the Sabor and she loved it.  It’s actually quite a bit cheaper to go to the Sabor but I didn’t want to go to someplace that wasn’t up to par and I’ve read a couple of reviews about the Sabor that weren’t exactly glowing.  Still, Lisa says the food was great, the accommodations were fantastic and she loved every minute so I’m thinking we’ll probably choose to go with the Sabor and save a bunch of money.  We can get roundtrip air fare from Louisville, eight days of activities, food and drinks at Sabor for around $2,000.  The same trip at the Aura will be around $3,200.  I’m hoping to switch trains and get on the Quinta Roo Choo Choo after Thanksgiving. 



janeemosher says 20th November @ 12:06

i can’t even imagine what your life is like and how hard the temptations are with all the fun travel and things. are you struggling with weight loss like i am? what is your most difficult obstacle to overcome? do you have a home gym and a pool? how wonderful that would be! i hope you have a great holiday and enjoy your trip(s)! success to you!

brseay says 30th November @ 19:10

The new trip sounds wonderful, I hope he gets on board and that it’s a wonderful time for the two of you.

I also get frustrated w/my hubby when he complains about being tired and then look at the pattern of frozen pizzas, ramen noodles and couch potato life he leads. I go between being angry and then remembering when I wasn’t ready to make the change. I “knew” what I should have been doing but didn’t do it. Luckily we don’t have the drinking issue and at this point his health is still decent (knock wood) but he’s also only 43 so who knows where he’ll be 20 years from now or if he’ll even be around. Scary thoughts and I doubt anything I have just said makes you feel any better but I wanted you to know that you’re not alone.

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