Creature of Habit

200 (Boo!  Not fair!  I’ve been so good!)

I forgot to set my alarm.  Woke up at 5:15 and realized it hadn’t gone off.  Good thing I woke up.  I was thinking it was a habit but then, I wake up about every hour or so to pee anyway so it’s hard to oversleep.  At any rate, I’m up and enjoying my coffee.

I went downstairs to get a load of laundry and saw a roach on the washer.  Gross!  I saw the first one about three weeks ago.  Right after DGD, Holly, came over for the weekend.  I think it traveled in her bag because DH told me he saw a couple of roaches in the trunk of the car after he opened it to get her stuff out.  I freaked out and sprayed all over the kitchen, hoping that would take care of it.  Didn’t see anything else for a while but DH told me he saw a couple of roaches on the counter the other morning when he got up for work.  Then, this morning, I saw one in the laundry room.  Damn it!  I really don’t know how to deal with these things since I’ve never had them before but I know enough to know that I better get rid of them immediately or they’ll take over.  I thought I’d spray the entire house this weekend but I just read up on it and the stuff that really works is also toxic to pets.  Not only do I have uninvited disgusting roaches, I also have DS’s uninvited dog and Steven’s uninvited cat.  Sigh…

Ughh…I feel creeped out knowing there are bugs hiding in my house.  I’m going to take everything out of the kitchen this weekend and thoroughly clean and set out boric acid.

Enough about that…I prefer not to think about it.

I did pretty good yesterday.  I have to accept that it’s very difficult to get 25 points in a single day.  Especially when I’m working.  I like to strive for the “perfect” day but it’s not going to happen that often since my new “perfect” day involves everything from not smoking, to eating healthy, drinking lots of water, cleaning the house, saving money, exercising and keeping track of a lot of stuff on sparkpeople and 3FC.  In terms of exercising and eating healthy, I done good.  But I only got 19 points.  Didn’t have time to do all the stuff I wanted to.

I have a new friend.  April is a teacher.  New to our school.  She has the classroom directly across the hall from me and she comes running over every day as soon as the kids go to lunch to join me.  Kind of forces me to take my lunch break.  I’m so jealous of you, Beerab, with the two 15 minute breaks and the hour lunch break.  Teachers get 20 minutes for lunch and that’s it.  I find it difficult to take my lunch break because it hardly seems worth it.  You barely have time to make it to the bathroom before the kids get back.  April’s good for me in that regard.  I’ve begun to plan for lunch because I know she’s going to join me every day so I might as well eat.

Gotta go.  Will be back to log in my weight after my shower.


jewlz280 says 25th August @ 8:47

*sigh* The Boric Acid powder really is the best thing. It CAN be toxic to pets, but if you just put even a thin line of the stuff in the corners and leave it for just the weekend (a week if you can tolerate it), it will get rid of them. Most areas won’t be affected by vacuuming (like the inside of your kitchen cabinets in the corners and along the cracks), but you may want to do it all over the house if you’ve seen them in several places. I hope you can get rid of them now — they can multiply at a terrifying pace. But the Boric Acid will take care of them. On a good note, if you have any other pests, it will kill them, too! However, does not work on POS ex DIL’s. LOL

laura705 says 25th August @ 11:55

How awful about the pests. Can’t even type the word. Ick. I’d be freaked for sure. Good luck w/ the boric acid.

Nice that the new friend is helping you take your lunches. I couldn’t get through w/o eating – heck, I’m counting the minutes until I can go to lunch!

beerab says 25th August @ 19:21

There are sprays that aren’t toxic for pets- they spray my apartment with it once a month (that’s how often I ask for it). What about those roach motel things?

I have to take those breaks and lunch- required by law or whatever at our job. At least taking your 20 minutes is better than nothing.

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