Ready, Set, GO!

I wasn’t going to post this morning.  I’m still having a difficult time getting in the back to school routine.  I was staring at the ceiling until 1:00 this morning and was quick to hit the snooze alarm when the thing went off at 5:30.

But I’m angry this morning and it seemed like a good day to begin channeling that anger and converting it into resolve.  So I’m boarding the Honolulu Choo Choo and I want those points!

Oldest DIL put a comment of FB about how she’s so tired of sacrificing her own happiness for the happiness of others.  After I finished gagging, I added a comment to her post that said, “You don’t even have a clue!”  Petty, I know, but I had just finished spending the afternoon at Voc Rehab for Andrew so he could be tested and then I ran home and helped Steven pack for college and that was AFTER working all day so her comment hit hard.  She doesn’t have a job, is living with her mother, I raised two of her kids and it looks like I’m going to have to take care of Holly.  Sacrifices???  I don’t think she knows the meaning of the word.

Gotta run!  Hey!  I actually get points for bitching!!!!  YAY!

5:30 Update – Took a ride around the block on the Choo Choo today and had some interesting results.  For starters, I haven’t weighed myself since right after we got back from vacation.  I don’t want to know.  Fingers in my ears and I’m singing “La, la, la, la, la”  See no evil…

But this morning, knowing I would get points for doing it, I sucked it up and stepped on the scales.  204.  There.  Face it and deal with it.  Next, I was in a hurry but I took the time to post and gather my thoughts on 3FC.  More points.  I got to work and they had doughnuts from Valu Mart.  Doughnuts I consider to be some of the best in the world.  Also had fruit, bagels, cream cheese, juices, milk and coffee.  I grabbed three strawberries, a chunk of pineapple and black coffee.  Got points for eating breakfast and points for avoiding a BIG temptation.  Yay, Me!

Lunchtime rolled around and everyone wanted to go out to lunch.  I went, too.  Determined to eat healthy.  We chose Olive Garden.  Not where I would have gone but I took a look at the menu and decided to go with the soup and salad lunch and a diet coke.  I asked the waitress about the chicken gnocchi soup and she said it was a chicken based soup with lots of gnocchi and vegetables so I went with it.  NOT a good choice.  She didn’t tell me it was a cream based soup and the veggies were a few slivers of celery and carrot.  So I didn’t do too good on that one.  I ate the soup and a bunch of salad and didn’t feel too good about the soup.  (passed up the all you can eat on both the soup and salad and avoided the breadsticks like the plague).  I thought I did pretty good but I just looked it up on their website and it says the soup has 250 calories but the salad had 350!  Damn!  I asked the waitress if they had a lite dressing and she said, “Our house dressing is pretty lite and they don’t put much on it.” 

Valuable lesson.  Don’t assume soup and salad is low cal.  I guess my lunch probably came in around 800 calories.  Maybe more.  How do you know how much a serving of salad is if they bring a huge bowl and put it in the middle of the table?  And I never would have thought the salad had more calories than the soup.

At any rate, I’m not too upset because my Choo Choo plan is causing positive changes.  At least I KNOW what I ate and know that I tried to make sensible choices.  In fact, I came home and did 100 laps in the pool even though I was tired after working all day but I wanted those points.  Now I’m going to clean out the silverware drawer and replace the liner so I can get some points for doing a job I wouldn’t ordinarily do after working all day.  That will help me avoid the computer games/TV down time I usually succumb to after work because I get points to keep my downtime to a minimum.

I’m working out the final details on my Honolulu Choo Choo plan and will be getting down to some serious business on Monday.


ceejay57 says 11th August @ 21:38

I like this idea.

laura705 says 12th August @ 11:51

Good job resisting the temptation of the doughnuts. Your plan has already gotten your motivation going!!

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