Sitting here eating my Yoplait yogurt for breakfast.  For some reason, I’m having a hard time being creative with my meals and that’s not usually a problem.  Wish I could get motivated to dream up some fantastic diet dinners and go to the store.  Last night, I grilled some chicken and made a salad.  Ate too much of it but, then again, can you really eat too much salad?  I only used one chicken breast–boneless, skinless, assorted salad greens, strawberries and blueberries and shavings of Asiago cheese with Paul Newman’s Lite Honey Mustard.  Oh yeah, had a few stone wheat crackers with it.  Funny – how I felt guilty about eating so much and I bet the entire meal didn’t have 500 calories.  I have to be careful about that.  Once I get into dieting, I tend to go overboard and not consume enough calories.  Sometimes it’s easier to just not eat.

Weight is at 202 or 202.5 this morning.  Don’t know which because the last digit on my digital scale burned out.  Given a choice, I’m going with 202.

We leave on vacation tomorrow.  Not a big exciting venture this year.  We have to keep the price down so we can pay college tuition for the twins.  Andrew wasn’t so bad but, once Steven graduated, the cost went way up.  Wouldn’t it be nice if their parents stepped up to the plate?  Neither one of them have contributed a penny.  DIL even ripped us off after claiming them on her taxes and never gave us the money she got for claiming them.  Oldest DS is somewhere in Illinois living with a girlfriend.

Let’s see…about vacation…

We always pass through Chattanooga on our way to our place in Florida.  Never stop but always want to.  It’s not that far.  Just a five hour drive but it’s too far to go for a weekend and not far enough to stop on our way to Florida.  So we decided to drive to Chattanooga and stay in a hotel for five days.  We’ll see Rock City and Ruby Falls and ride the Incline up the mountain.  Steven is a Civil War buff and there are lots of museums he wants to visit.  There’s a Riverside Marketplace where merchants have booths selling fresh produce, arts and crafts and homemade goodies.  We’ll probably go there one day.  The Tennessee Aquarium is downtown and we might spend a day there.

After leaving Chattanooga, we’re heading on down to our place in Madison, Florida.  We haven’t been down there since last summer.  I’m sure the grass is shoulder high and the neighbors are tired of looking at it.  Although…we had a neighbor run a bushhog over it last November.  Anyway, that’s ten acres that needs to be cleaned up.  I’d like to do some work on the cabin but we don’t have the money this year.  Wanted to get the drywall finished in the downstairs, pour a concrete slab for the pool and buy a huge shed so we can get all the stuff we have stored in the cabin out of the way.  Unfortunately, we can’t do all that and still pay for Steven’s dorm and food for school so we’ll probably just cut grass and relax for a couple of days. I’m looking forward to a few soaks in the clawfoot tub out in the garden.

There’s a state park called Madison Blue Springs that we’ve never visited just 15 miles from our property.  The water is icy cold and crystal clear.  We plan on taking a day to enjoy the springs.  It’s supposed to be beautiful diving but I don’t have my certification anymore so we’ll just take some snorkels and masks.

After we leave Madison, we promised Andrew we’d go on a day cruise so he can play the slots.  The boys are 20 years old now and they have to be 21 to gamble unless it’s on a day cruise where the age is 18.  So we’re heading to Jacksonville.  Andrew wants to see what all the hypes about since DH and I go to the casinos so often.  As cautious as he is with money, it probably won’t take long for him to lose $20 and decide the slots are not for him.

After the day cruise, things are pretty vague.  I don’t know if we’ll head straight home or travel up the east coast and spend a couple of days.  We’ll decide when the time comes.

And now…time to get to work.

12:30 Update – Did my laps in the pool.  Didn’t really enjoy it all that much today but I hung in there and let my stubborn streak run the show.  Determined to do at least as much as yesterday and then pushed for five more laps.  Now it’s time to start packing.  We have a pool at the hotel in Chattanooga but I don’t know how big it is or how crowded it will be.  Wonder if they have a treadmill? 

5:00 Update – No, they don’t have a treadmill.  Guess I’ll try to workout in the pool.

I decided to put some effort into dinner.  I’m fixing Caribbean Pork from My Favorite Recipes category.  Bought some home grown tomatoes and fresh asparagus from the produce market and I’m making baked (microwaved) apples with Splenda and Cinnamon to go with it.  Picked up a nice watermelon, too.

Pepagirl, I responded on your page.  Thought of a couple more things since then:

I hardly ever buy anything unless it’s on sale, color my own hair and do my own nails.  Tanning booths? HA!  If I get within ten feet of a ray of sun, I tan.  I also have $150 a week automatically sent to my credit union.  It adds up fast and is always available if we run into an emergency or a great deal on something we need.  Hope that answers your question.  It all adds up!



susan says 30th June @ 11:17

Patty, I’ve heard of those “blue holes” and would love to dunk in one some day. Your vay-kay plans sound relaxing and fun.
I remember the picture you posted of your Floridian Tub and hope you have some lovely soaks in it again 🙂

Just have to say, I so admire the noble way in which you and your DH stepped up to the plate in regards to all your grandkids. I guess for a person like you, there was no question of not doing so. YOU ROCK.

jewlz280 says 30th June @ 14:50

You know, I live SO close to Chattanooga and never think of going there to visit. I had a friend who stayed on one of the riverboats. It’s like a floating hotel! But I’ve never thought to go and nose around. Even though when we hit Atlanta, we drive right through there! LOL Maybe someday. Let us know how it goes! 😀

pepagirl says 30th June @ 15:03

I hope this question isn’t intruding too much, but I have to ask… How do you guys do it? Ever since starting to your blog about a year ago I have been fascinated by the things that you do. The lovely vacations, how beautiful your home sounds- with the pool and landscaping, the community garden, and your cabin in Florida. We would love to be able to afford they type of set-up you enjoy on day. Did you invest at an early age or are you just very smart with your finances? Hope it’s not prying it just sounds wonderful! Good for you doing all the laps in the pool lately too!

brseay says 30th June @ 17:29

Have a blast on your vacation! I think it’s great that you’re taking the time to stop in Chattanooga and explore. Plan lots of laps and good (healthy) summer food and you’ll definitely be in onederland when you return.

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