Eating bad= Feeling bad.

I felt so bad yesterday evening and I still feel pretty icky this morning.  I’ve been eating pretty healthy since school let out but we’re down in Tunica and I made some pretty bad choices yesterday.  We’re in a hotel room with no microwave.  Nothing but a small fridge.  We stayed in the casino yesterday and I ate a lot of crap.  We ate brunch at the buffet.  I ate more than I should have but it wasn’t a disaster.  Shouldn’t have had the almond torte but I would have survived it.

The problem really started yesterday afternoon.  DH and I were at the pool when we started getting hungry around 3:00.  The snack bar at the pool had NOTHING but junk.  Hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, nachos, hot wings, etc.  It was either go back to the room and change clothes or grab something at the snack bar.  We opted for the snack bar.  I had a burger and fries.  Later on, DH got some nachos and I had a few of them.

Around 7:00 we went to the casino and stayed a couple of hours.  We didn’t feel like eating at the buffet.  $21.99 each and we were hungry but not enough to justify the buffet so we were left with the snack bar in the casino.  Same choices as the snack bar at the pool.  I ate a BLFGT.  That’s a bacon, lettuce, and fried green tomato sandwich.  It came with potato chips.  We played the slots until 10:00 or so and I had a couple of girlie drinks.  Strawberry dacquiris. I’m not much for drinking but they’re free and the cocktail waitress kept coming around asking if we wanted more.

We went back up to the room and rented the Lincoln Lawyer (really good…I love Michael Connelly and he wrote it).  About halfway through it, I started feeling really nauseous.  All that fried food.  I felt totally gross.  I got sick.  Not once, but three times.  Food poisoning?  No, junk-food poisoning.  If you eat healthy for a while, you just can’t eat that kind of crap.  Even this morning, I’m still feeling queasy and all I see in the room are DH’s tortilla chips, salsa, chocolate covered peanuts and Cheetos.

So, for today, my plan is to get my butt out of the casino and into town (ten miles) where I can buy something healthy.  Maybe some stuff for a salad, some fruit, milk and cereal.  I might even see if I can get a salad to go from Wendy’s or Sonic. 

Funny how you can eat that garbage all the time but, if you eat healthy for a few days, you begin to lose your tolerance for junk food.  Yes, Body, I’m listening….Thanks for the reminder.

3:00 Update – Drove 50 miles and spent $50 on food.  DH has told me a dozen times that it would have been a lot cheaper to just eat at the buffet.  We’ve got two free dinner buffets coming and the breakfast buffet is only $6.99.  In all honesty, I might have been willing to pay $50 for the Wendy’s Berry Almond Salad with grilled chicken that I had for lunch.  It was sooooo good!  The problem with the buffets is that I know myself too well.  I could get a salad at the buffet but I know I wouldn’t.

Now we have yogurt, cereal, Silk soy milk, fruit cups, mozarella cheese, fresh apricots, bing cherries and strawberries, 2 packages of salad greens, grape tomatoes, lite dressing, deli turkey and 7 grain bread.

 Kind of wish I’d just bought a half dozen Wendy’s salads.


susan says 21st June @ 10:23

Your post reminded me of that movie, “Super Size Me”, about a guy that ate nothing but Mc Donalds for a month. He too, was sick at first. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching every now and then to reinforce what you already know!
PS~ I ate a Mc D’s ice cream cone yesterday… oops.

fassgal says 21st June @ 12:32

I hope you feel better now. It’s so true; once you wean yourself from junk food it’s so hard to eat it all of the time. I’m happy to see that you weren’t stressing about having junk while on vacay, but rather, you hate the way it made you feel afterward. I hope you’re having/had a fun vacation.

brseay says 21st June @ 14:42

That’s a great sign that your body is rejecting all of the crap. I did the same thing this weekend and am still feeling the repercussions. Probably b/c I ate another piece of chocolate cheesecake yesterday. Thanks for the reminder that I need to put good food in to feel good.

Hope you strike it rich!

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