I worked like a dog yesterday.  All those grimy things that don’t get cleaned when your life is hectic and demanding and rearranging the clutter seems to be the best you can do.

It was old toothbrush style cleaning.  Grubby, grimy work.  I spent a lot of time on my hands and knees, crawling around washing baseboards and scrubbing tile and floors.  The cabinets got cleaned.  Curtains got washed.  A lot of clutter got thrown out.  Windows and walls and knick knacks where washed and polished.  I really didn’t make much of a dent but I was happy when DH came home and said, “Wow!  You’ve really been working.  It shows!”

And it does.  The place just seems brighter.  You can dust forever but washing and polishing makes everything shine.  I made progress yesterday and I’ll continue today.

I want to get as much done as I can while I have time.  DS has car problems so he’s using DH’s car and DH is using mine.  I’m stranded.  Might as well clean because we’re heading out for a few days next week.

I spent so much time doing things at school last summer that I didn’t even feel like I had the summer off.  It just flew by.  This year, I’m not going to spend all my time doing things for school.   DH took four vacation days next week.  He wants to head down to Tunica.  We have free hotel rooms from Sunday through Thursday at Hollywood Casino.  It’s always nice when the two of us can get away.

Our actual vacation is the first part of July.  I think DH said he took three weeks.  He gets 6 weeks a year.  It’s strange to be getting close to vacation and not have any plans.  I guess we should go to our place in Florida and check up on things but it’s so hot down there in the summer and we don’t have a lot of money this year.  Supporting two grandsons in college is not easy so we have to budget accordingly.

I’ve been thinking about exotic vacations.  Haven’t taken one for a while.  I’m trying to think of something wonderful to plan for.  Maybe in a couple of years.  We’ve been to Hawaii so many times I’ve lost track.  Used to go for a month every other year until we burned out.  Imagine that…burning out on Hawaii.  Still, there’s only so much to see and even though it’s a beautiful, spectacular place, we’ve decided not to go back.  We actually decided not to go back a few years ago and then relented when DH’s aunt wanted us to take her there about five years ago.  Big mistake.  We’d seen everything and done everything and spent way too much time just lying around the pool.  There are too many new and exotic places out there to spend a ton of money to lie around the pool.

Fiji or Bora Bora sound nice…one of those bungalows on the beach where you can snorkel from your lanai.


Enough…I have work to do.  Bora Bora will have to wait.


omai says 14th June @ 10:53

Wow. Sounds like you’ve been busy! I should really do that but… there are plenty of excuses to make for not getting it done. *sigh* Hope you enjoy your vacation, wherever you decide to go!

brseay says 14th June @ 19:35

You inspired me w/your post from yesterday and I got busy cleaning as well. Selfishly I re-organized my workout room but it looks awesome! Tomorrow will be the deep scrubbing of bathrooms b/c we’re expected to get about 5 inches of rain 🙁

The fantasy vacation sounds divine! They say that a good chunk of the enjoyment comes from planning and looking forward to the trip so go ahead and plan that trip. Even if it’s years down the road you can look forward to it. And by then you’ll be rockin’ your string bikini.

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