I have to go to work today.  Bah! Humbug!  I don’t want to go.  A teacher never has enough time and I still have lots of things I need to do.  For one, I need to move all my stuff out of the library where I’ve lived in a storage closet for the last 7 years and into a classroom.  I’ve been a technology resource teacher for nine years and I’ll be back in the classroom next year.  Sistah Pam told me at dinner the other night that there’s an opening for a TRT at another school but I’m not interested in applying.  As close as I am to retirement, I’ll stay where I am. 

I didn’t pack as much stuff as I should have last week because I thought I’d be teaching summer school and I figured I could do some packing while the kids worked on assignments.  I really feel like I’m never off work.  There’s always something nagging me that I have to take care of and summer is always filled with professional development and training.  Still, it won’t nag me as much after I get my room moved and have my stuff secured over the summer.

I was sick yesterday.  It took me a while to figure out what was wrong but I finally decided it was a reaction to codeine.  My back has been really bothering me and, after working so hard in the garden, I could barely move Monday afternoon so I took a pain pill.  I took another one before I went to bed.  Yesterday, I felt terrible.  Everytime I’d try to do something it would get worse.  I scared DS when we were working in the garden and I had to sit down from dizziness and a racing heartbeat a couple of time.  He made me come in the house and I hit the front door, staggered to the bathroom and vomited.  It finally occured to me that the reason I have so many pain pills around is because I never take them.  They make me feel bad.  I looked up the side effects and it said, “Common side effects include dizziness, itching, lightheadedness, nausea, sweating, drowsinessvomiting, and euphoria.”  So that’s how I spent yesterday…dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous, sweaty and sleepy.

You know how the doctor’s always say, “Can you take codeine?” I always reply, “Sure.”  Guess I just never made the connection that the codeine might be what makes me feels so bad the next day.  Now, I know.

My weight is at 205 today so it’s slowly easing down.  I’ll get there.  I haven’t been at it long enough to do any real planning.  One day at a time.


jewlz280 says 8th June @ 11:30

Oh yuck! Sorry you felt so bad, but glad you made the connection to what it was. Now you just need to get rid of those old meds. You should be able to call the local pharm or hospital and ask them how to properly dispose of them. I don’t like to take them either, so I always end up with them hanging out in my cabinet. I finally had to call to find out what to do! Turns out our area has a place to turn in ALL unused meds. Kinda handy! lol

beerab says 8th June @ 11:41

Oh I’m leaving to Texas for a new job 🙂

brseay says 8th June @ 22:31

I worked today, too. I truly wish the people who say we work “part-time jobs” since we have summers off (ha!) could see all of the teachers in the building over the summer.

I had to pop a Benadryl today b/c I got a bug bite in my eye and now I’m sleepy. We sound like a new version of the 7 Dwarves!

Keep those numbers coming down!!

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