Chipping away at all the bad habits and making my way back to the land of the living.  Nothing much to write about today.  I worked in the garden yesterday until I thought I’d drop and ate healthy.  Let’s see…I ate a bowl of wheat squares with 2% milk, a veggie burger for lunch and another for dinner.  Some three bean salad and some edamame beans and a couple of sugar free popsicles.  Still haven’t formally started counting calories but I know there’s nothing bad in there.

Yesterday morning, I said, “Happy Anniversary, Baby!” and handed DH a card with a note inside that said,

“Hot Date this Friday!  3:00 – One hour full body massage.  4:30 – Thor or Pirates of the Caribbean 3D (your choice) 7:00 – Dinner at Cheddars.”

He looked at it and said, “Thanks, Hon.  I guess we can do that.” and went back to reading the paper.  Yeah, I was a little put out at his overwhelming enthusiasm.  He’s so hard to shop for and I finally came up with the idea of a date-night that would consist of things he would like to do.  At any rate, I figured he’d say more or be a bit more enthusiastic.

We worked in the garden most of the day.  Got a few more plants in the ground.  I like to have the entire garden covered with newspaper and then mulched because I DO NOT like weeding.  So we worked out in the full sun for three hours.  I planted 1 large hill of cucumbers, 12 hills of green beans, basil, oregano, dill and lavender and laid out more newspaper and mulch.  It was so humid the sweat wasn’t even evaporating from our bodies.  Miserable. 

I came in and cleaned the house for a while and did some laundry and then my sister called at 6:00 to wish us a Happy Anniversary.  I chatted with her a couple of minutes and then gave the phone to DH. 

He took the phone and listened for a minute or so and then his eyes got great big and he said, “OMG!  You’re Kidding!! That’s TODAY?”

After he hung up, he said, “Honey, I’m so sorry.  I completely forgot.  Why didn’t you remind me?”

Are you kidding????  I said, “Donnie…what did I give you at breakfast this morning?”

“A card and a note about going out next Friday.  I didn’t read the card.  Was it an anniversary card?  I thought you just wanted to go out next week.  I’m so sorry.  Can you forgive me? 

Talk about being taken for granted….then, an hour or so later, he sends DS to the store and DS sneaks in the back door a little later with a dozen roses and a card which DH presents to me with a big, dumbass grin as if that makes it all right.  I couldn’t help myself, I called downstairs to DS and said, “Thanks for the flowers and card, David.”

Add this catastrophe to the lack of a Christmas present, missed birthday, and Mother’s Day gift of a new toilet and you’ll understand why I’m not feeling particularly cherished.  As soon as I feel a little more diplomatic, DH and I are going to have a talk.  He’s begun to operate on the assumption that if I want something, I’ll buy it and using that as an excuse to avoid giving gifts.  Jerk.

Lots to do today.  I don’t have to teach summer school but I do have to drive to Elizabethtown to take my mother to the doctor.  That’s an hour’s drive down and an hour back.  Guess that’s going to eat up the afternoon.  Then, I have to meet the girls for dinner at Cheddars.  Way too much Cheddars in this week.  Known for mountains of onion rings and fried delights.  Think I’ll check out the menu and see what they have in the way of “lite” fare.

The scales are showing 205.5.  Down another pound since yesterday.  Wouldn’t it be great if things would stay that way?  A pound a day for the next couple of months and I’d be in pretty good shape!  As it is, for the first time in my life, I’m actually striving to reach Onederland.  For more than 60 years, I lived there and never ventured outside the borders until the last year or so.  It’s scary out here….It doesn’t feel good.


susan says 6th June @ 8:48

Men are wired different. I’ve quietly nursed hurt feelings that DH would be shocked to know I even harbored.

If you find the right wires to reconfigure, please post directions here 🙂

Oh, PS ~ Happy Anniversary!

brseay says 7th June @ 22:06

I don’t even know what to say about DH. I’ll be curious to hear how the talk goes.

Does he at least keep the seat down on your new toilet?

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