Yesterday just about killed me.  My first (kazillionth) day of trying to be good.  I did pretty well but I finished the day with a whimper and limped off to bed at 10:00.

Eating was good.  I didn’t count calories but, at this stage of my life, I think I can tell how many calories are in something just by looking.  Fat girls have a PhD in calorie counting.  I ate two veggie burgers with lettuce and fresh tomato slices, some three bean salad, watermelon, strawberries and three sugar-free popsicles.  Oh, yeah, I also threw in a couple of hot and spicy dill pickles.  It was a busy day and I didn’t really sit down to eat but kind of grazed all day as I worked.

The exercise just about killed me.  I planted a few more plants in the vegetable garden.  After paying $.99 for a cucumber, I decided to buy four plants for a total of $1.67.  I mean, really, a dollar for a cucumber!  The damn things grow like weeds.  I also picked up a couple more tomato plants and got them in.

Our pool cover slipped into the pool over the winter, froze in place and allowed the pool to fill with an ungodly stew of algae, leaves, and stagnant water to a depth of about two feet.  We finally got it all cleaned up yesterday.  We set a pump in the pool and pumped out the majority and then I donned a bathing suit and joined DH and DGS, Steven, for an afternoon of bailing, scooping and scrubbing.  Oh! My aching back!  I felt like the Karate Kid.  Sand the floor, paint the fence, wax on, wax off.  I swept and scooped and scrubbed until I couldn’t move.  We had to scoop and bail and scoop and bail until we got down to a lovely layer of sludge.  Then we swept the sludge into dustpans and dumped all the slime.  After that, we got the hose and sprayed down the entire pool and then had to start all over with the bailing and scooping.  When we finally managed to get clean water, I got a scrubby and manually scrubbed ever square inch of the liner with a bleachy concoction of cleaning solution.  We have the largest above-ground pool available; 54″ deep and 28′ across.  For those who are mathematically challenged, that’s approximately 1,000 square feet that suffered under my little scrubbie pad.

By the time I finished, I couldn’t move.  I came into the house, took a long, long, long shower and manually scrubbed my own surface area (which is another thousand square feet or so) and limped off to the store to run errands.

Now, here’s the thing…I was totally shot and would ordinarily have collapsed in front of the TV.  Instead, I forced myself to keep going for another couple of hours.  I ran up to Kroger and picked up groceries, stopped and got gas, went by the produce market and finally made it to pick up my prescriptions.

The meds alone were a challenge for my weakened fortitude.  I’ve been meaning to transfer them to Kroger for a long time.  The problem is that the pharmacists at K-Mart are super nice and have known us for a long time.  Still, K-Mart is not someplace I routinely visit.  It’s out of the way and I only go there to pick up prescriptions.  There’s also the problem of their hours….they open late and close early and it’s the only pharmacy I know where they actually close for lunch.  So…I force myself to go, make sure it’s during the right hours and after lunch.  I get up there to find three or four people standing around and a sign on the window that says “The Pharmacist will return in 15 minutes.”  Cripes!  I didn’t want to shop and I didn’t want to stand there but I figured since three or four people were already there, it surely wouldn’t take more than another five minutes or so.  So I waited…and I waited…and I waited. To add insult to injury, there was no place to sit.  Not even a single chair.  I honestly was so exhausted I wanted to sit on the floor and cry.  My poor back was killing me.  After 15 minutes, I really wanted to leave but I was determined to stick it out.  The pharmacist finally returned after twenty minutes and then I had to wait through the insurance discussions, side-effect warnings and directions for everyone in front of me before I could finally get my drugs and get out of there.  Really…it was the last straw.  I’m definitely transferring our prescriptions to Kroger.  It shouldn’t take thirty minutes of standing in line to pick up a couple of bottles of pills.

I hit the bed fairly early and would have liked to sleep in but I kept having nightmares about “thy pool runneth over” since we kept the hose running in it all night.  I woke at 7:00 and went outside to check.  What a joke.  The depth is about 8 inches.  Maybe less.  Guess I shouldn’t have worried about that one…

So here I am…ready for the second day.  Just had a breakfast of 2 Aleve, 1 blood pressure pill, 1anti-depressant pill, 1 Cholesterol pill and a cup of black coffee.  My weight is at 206.5 this morning which is a pound less than yesterday. 

Today is my 43rd or 44th anniversary (after a while, you lose track…).  I arranged a super date with DH and I but it doesn’t take place until next Friday.  We’re both scheduled for a full body massage, then off to see his choice of either Pirates of the Caribbean 3D or Thor 3D and then a romantic dinner for two at Cheddars.  Obviously, I’m being the good little wife here.  My choices in movies or dinner would not be the ones I mentioned but DH will be thrilled.  If it were up to me, I’d have scheduled those massages at Sybaris and ordered room service. 

Guess I should try to find some cereal or something to top off breakfast.


brseay says 7th June @ 22:00

Yes, it will get easier! Good for you for such an active day. And happy anniversary 🙂

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