And my toothpaste.  Should have known.  It wouldn’t have hurt except that I endulged and bought some really expensive shampoo for color treated hair.  It was like throwing $10.00 in the trash.

The flight over was pretty hectic.  We had severe weather in Louisville and the plane couldn’t take off until an hour late.  Of course, our layover time between connections was 45 minutes and they had booked us on a later connection in case we couldn’t make it.  We landed in Denver with two (count em) two minutes to spare and literally ran down the concourse to make our connection.  Turns out there were several folks on our flight making the same connection and they held the plane ten minutes.  We could have walked.

I felt terrible by the time we landed in Vegas.  My throat was raw and I was totally congested.  We picked up the rental car and our first stop was a Walgreens where I picked up DayQuil, Kleenex and cough syrup.  I was really sick the next day.  Feverish and coughing and feeling awful.  Still, I went out Tuesday night to see Lion King.  I enjoyed it as much as I could but I was stifling a cough the entire time.  By the time it ended, DH had to drag me back to the hotel and then went out and picked up some nasal spray.  I spent all day Wednesday in bed.  We put the “Do Not Disturb” sign out and rented movies all day.

Finally, this morning, I woke up feeling a LOT better.  We went down to Fremont Street and spent the day hitting the casinos and shopping.  We had a steak dinner and we’re going to head out on the strip for a stroll and a look at the sites.  Gotta cram five days vacation into two.  I’m so glad I’m feeling better!


incontrol2day says 8th April @ 6:31

ugh, Im sorry you lost your toiletries to the TSA.

Have fun in Vegas 🙂 I LOVE IT there !

brseay says 9th April @ 20:39

What a bummer that you’re sick on vacation but how wonderful that you actually get to be sick instead of having to tough it out.

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