Tiffany, SHUT UP!

Yeah, I said it.  Wish I hadn’t but I did.  I am so sick of these kids.  I’ve never felt like this in all my years of teaching.  I have one “good” class and the other two are wild.  I’m worn out with trying to cope with it.  Thank God I only have these kids another four days.

We have a new librarian and she’s pretty good.  She wants what she wants and I don’t blame her.  Our old librarian let our library become loud and disorganized and I was trying to teach my classes in there when there would be another three or four classes of kids running around like crazy.  The old librarian retired and the new one stepped in.  She presented her master plan to the principal about cozy little reading areas and quiet areas for studying and reflecting and the principal decided to move all of us who taught classes in the library to other locations.  I am NOT happy.  I live in the library first and second periods, 3rd period I’m in room 221 at the extreme other end of the school.  Fourth period, I’m in room 216 and 5th period finds me in room 201.  I live on a cart and try to transport all my stuff from one room to another.  The teachers who have rooms 201, 216 and 221 have their planning periods on the hours when I’m in their rooms and they sit at their desks grading papers and doing other stuff.  There’s no place for me to sit and I feel like I’m intruding.  I totally hate it.  I invariably forget to bring something with me and then I’m stuck, at the other end of the building, without the materials I need for class.  I have three different preps and not a textbook in sight.  No workbooks, no resources at all.  Every day, I have to develop three totally different lessons and worksheets from scratch and I never seem to have enough time to get it all done.

My fourth and fifth period classes have a few good kids and a lot of loud, disruptive and totally annoying kids and it seems like I have to fight them every minute to keep them from taking over the class.  Today, they took over.  I had kids going to the computer to project their web pages and show them to the class and the rowdy ones just kept acting up.

“Bryan, leave her alone and get in your seat.  Sharon, stop texting and bring me your cell phone.  Quiet down so Justin can show us his web page.”

“Justin, I’m sorry.  Hold on.  You guys need to stop talking and show some respect.  It will be your turn soon and you wouldn’t want people talking so loud no one can hear what you’re saying.  You’re being rude.  Bryan, I told you to get in your seat.  Sharon, bring me your phone, NOW.  Tiffany, get in your seat and be quiet.”

…Bryan, get in your seat.  I don’t want to write you up for something so trivial but I will if I have to.  Christian, get away from the window.  If I wanted the window open, I would have done it myself.  I’m sorry, Justin.  Please continue.”

“Justin, hold on…What is wrong with you guys today?  Stop talking and listen!  Tiffany, if I have to tell you again, I’m going to call home.  Get in your seat and BE QUIET.  Tyshawn, give Mona back her purse and leave her alone.  I’ve had it guys!  You’re being rude and I won’t tolerate it.  Tiffany, I’m talking to you.  Tiffany….., TIFFANY…….. TIFFANY, SHUT UP!  SHUT YOUR MOUTH FOR FIVE MINUTES!  DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DO THAT?????”

And then Tiffany looks right at me and says, “You are so rude!  I can’t wait to get out of this class.  You have no right to tell me to Shut Up.  I’m going to tell my father.”

And then all the other jerks join in!  “You can’t talk to her like that!  You’re supposed to be the TEACHER!”

And I apologized and said, “I’m sorry I lost my temper.  I shouldn’t have spoken to you that way but I’m human, too and sometimes you guys push me to the limits.  You’re really fast to point out when I’m rude but you don’t seem to hold yourselves to the same standards.  Why do you think it’s okay for you to be rude but not okay for me?”

And half the class said, “Because you’re the TEACHER!  You can’t talk to students that way.”

Four more days before I get new kids.  Please, God, help me make it.


beerab says 14th February @ 23:40

Who says a teacher can’t say shut up? Pft- I’ve seen teachers do worse.

THOUGH next time I suggest doing what my old teacher did- he’d walk right up the that student’s desk- sit down- and ask them if there is any reason why they cannot be respectful to him and his class then tell them again to be quiet or it’s detention. It usually worked.

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