The last few days have been crazy.  I let it get away from me.  Lots of stuff going on at work, bringing home papers to grade, taking care of the grandkids, never enough time!

DH and DS put the new heating element in the spa Saturday.  They filled it and I had to wait until last night for the water to get hot.  It felt great, sitting out there in the cold, submerged up to my neck in steamy hot water.  Felt so good, I decided to do it again this morning.

I put my bathing suit on (gotta do that in the daylight) and headed out there a few minutes ago to relax. There’s a light, misty snow shower going on and I ran out there, took off my flip flops and threw back the cover.  All the water was gone!  Except for about 8 inches washing around the bottom.  The jets were spewing water like hoses and it was almost all gone!  You absolutely can not run the spa without water because it will burn up the motor.

I ran over to the side of the house to the GFI box to turn it off. The box had a handle that said On/Off but it wouldn’t move.  I stood out there, barefoot, in a bathing suit for three or four minutes trying to figure it out but I couldn’t get it to budge either to the right or left.  It said “On/Off” but it didn’t even really look like a switch.  I ran back inside and called DH’s cell phone and heard it ringing in the bedroom.  Damn it!  He always forgets to take his phone.

I called DS and he said to go back out to the box and pull the handle.  I ran back out there, stopping by the spa deck to grab my flip flops and tried the handle again.  It just wouldn’t budge and the motor was sounding funny.  Crap!  DS said to pull it out.  I pulled on the handle and the whole damn thing came out in my hand!  I grabbed the phone and told DS, “Sh*t!  I broke it!  The whole damn switch came out!”  He said, “It’s supposed to, Mom.  That’s how you turn it off. You’re just holding the plug.”

Hell of a plug.  Looks like an entire circuit box to me, but what do I know?  That’s when I realized I was standing in a snow shower in my bathing suit.  Not exactly my idea of a relaxing interlude in the spa.

Kind of like my whole week has been.  Think I’ll head to the tub for a nice long soak.


susan says 17th January @ 20:53

Oh Patty!
Hahahahahahahaha *gasp~snort* AH-hahahahahahaha!

PS. Secretary/Newsletter still my all-time fav. 🙂

beerab says 17th January @ 23:07

lol- it was the plug- how funny.

So what made the water go out like that?

I had the same problem with hubby and his cell phone- I told him if he forgets his phone EVER again I’m canceling cuz he obviously doesn’t need the phone then. I said there is no point in having the phone if you don’t use it- Mr. GADGET MAN…

He hasn’t forgotten it since 😉

fatnomo says 18th January @ 0:11

TOO FUNNY! That’ll teach you to try to relax! Although the night before’s soak sounded fantastic! Don’t give up!!!! These moments make great posts!!!!

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