Snow-ward Bound!

They say we should expect snow tomorrow.  Really, I don’t want anymore snow days!  sigh…

I’m really pleased this morning.  After such a large weight loss last week, I was fully prepared to get on the scales this morning and be a pound or two up from yesterday but it’s holding steady at 205.5  Planning to be back in Onederland by the end of the month and still planning to get back in some decent clothes by the time we go to Vegas in April.

Dag!  I just broke a long fingernail.  Now I have long nails except for the one that broke all the way down.  Looks weird.  Guess I’ll have to cut them all off this evening.  That’s what I get for letting them get so long without taking care of them properly.  Brittle.

Gotta go…work calls…

3:15 Update – DGS, Jake, has Quick Recall after school today so I have to wait for him.  There’s always something to do around here but I think I’m going to recognize the fact that the school day ended at 2:20 and I’ve already put in an extra hour and a half today.  That’s enough.

I’m ready to walk on my treadmill when I get home.  Got it ready to go yesterday, got my MP3, charged the batteries.  Everything is all set so I don’t have any excuses.  I’m just sitting here killing a couple of minutes and slurping a big old bottle of water.


brseay says 10th January @ 22:04

I hope the treadmill was smokin’!

And isn’t it funny when we leave “early” how guilty we feel even when we have put in an extra 30-60-90 minutes??? Most people have no idea. You are amazing!!!

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