Seeing is Believing

Aha!  I can actually see a difference this morning and that’s encouraging.  I sleep in a cami and PJ pants and, when I went to the bathroom to strip down and shower, I noticed that the cami was actually draping over my torso instead of clinging to it.  Surprising.  I’ve only lost a couple of pounds.  Whoo Hooo!  The scales showed another pound falling off at 208 this morning.

It’s really nice to have all the shopping done and all the meals planned.  Makes everything so much easier.  It was really grueling to make the menu and the entire list of ingredients though.  Took up a lot of my weekend.  I think I’m going to go ahead and start doing next week’s menu so I won’t have to do the entire thing this weekend.

Off to work!


Joy says 6th January @ 8:13

Good NO GREAT job on the few pound loss Patty! Making a plan, the menu, the grocery list is a very good start to success. Maybe it will be easier if you keep the lists and after you have 3 or four just rotate them according to what you want? Keep up the good work.

beerab says 6th January @ 21:30

That’s great- keep it up!

leighish says 6th January @ 22:16

Keep it up, gorgeous!

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