I kind of miss those long mornings of a couple cups of coffee and three or four cigarettes to get me going.  Part of the quitting smoking routine has been a change in that routine.  I sleep a lot later and then don’t have much time to post.

At any rate, I’m still doing what I need to do.  Sticking to the diet and exercising.  Yesterday was hard but not as hard as Monday.  Now I’ve got all my food ready to go and I’m planning on another good day.

Weight is at 209.5 this morning.  Daggone it! 

9:30 – Update…I’m so hungry right now!  Don’t know why.  I’ve got some cereal bars so I guess I’m going to have to eat one and then leave off a snack tonight.


brseay says 5th January @ 18:34

Good for you for sticking to the plan. Hopefully every day will get a little easier.

Are you ankles swollen from the walk? Maybe that’s where the extra 1/2 pound came from….

Is it too early to count the days until summer????

fatnomo says 17th January @ 23:59

Hey little mamma!
I have been drowning in responsibility. I caved on smoking on day 6 when my hubby and I spent the night discussing allowing his father (strained relationship at best) to move his stinky ass and trailer to live behind us for 60 days. Needless to say he’s been my outside neighbor for a little over a week now and he and hubby smoke like chimneys. Actually, when he came back into the picture, that’s when we started smoking after a 9 month quit cycle. You hang in there. You are my inspiration. I will definitely be getting back her to check in and on you!


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