Potroast in the oven

And all that other winter kind of stuff.  Staying in.  Reading books.  Watching movies.  Cleaning house (not much) and cooking comfort food.

DH and I had a nice time in Tunica.  It was so good to get away and just be able to spend time together.  I checked my end of the year gambling debt and found out that I went in the hole $74 for the year.  Not bad, considering all the free rooms and free buffets we racked up.  DH went online and checked his and found that he lost $112 for the year.  Not too shabby for a couple of cheapies.

DH and I were able to talk about life style changes.  He and I both are ready to make some New Year’s resolutions and turn over a new leaf.  My job is to do the research.  I spent quite a bit of time on Sparkspeople this morning making new goals and looking over their site.  I may go with their diet plan but I haven’t spent enough time to tell if it’s something we want to choose.  Short term goals?  I’m looking at our trip to Vegas in April.  I’d like to be able to get back in some of my nice summer clothes by then but I think I’m resigned to wearing fat girl clothes the rest of the winter.

We came home after a week so I could go to the doctor.  Didn’t get any encouraging news there.  In fact, the new doctor wants me to avoid caffeine, carbonated drinks, alcohol (those aren’t really a problem) and artificially sweetened drinks.  Damn!  The only thing I drink is a little coffee in the morning and Crystal Light.  Now I can’t have that.  I asked her what I was supposed to drink and she said “Water!”  Give me a break.  I want my Crystal Light!  She did tell me that I don’t have a prolapsed uterus.  I have a rectocele.  Delightful!  She referred me to a colonrectal surgeon and I told her I’d already seen two of them and gotten totally different opinions.  She asked who they were and pronounced both of them “Excellent!  I wouldn’t presume to contradict either one of them.”  That’s just great…since they both gave me totally different advice.  sigh….I’m just about ready to ignore both of them.  Eat my veggies and fruit and quit taking stuff to keep me constipated.  It makes me feel like crap (no pun intended).

Holly is back with DIL and she’s not returning my phone calls.  I’m going to have to check up on her.  DIL’s mother has called me several times over the Christmas break and DIL is not happy that we’re comparing notes.  Seems that DIL has been playing a lot of games over the last couple of years and using a lot of drama to get what she wants. I was told that she quit her job because of a disagreement with a co-worker.  Her mother tells me she was fired for stealing money so she could go on vacation with her boyfriend.  She was arraigned last week and is set to go to court February 2nd.  It appears that was one of the main reasons for her meltdown before Christmas.  She found out they were going to press charges.  Her mother tells me this is the second time she stole money from work.  Sorry…I don’t have much sympathy.  I’m thinking of Holly and what I need to do for her.  Her mother is on her own.

DH just walked in and I want to talk to him about Sparkspeople.  Later.


fatnomo says 1st January @ 0:34

Patty my dear, what a year. I am glad to hear that you and hubby are in kahoots to get healthy together. I am actually a little glad to hear that your ex DIL is getting some consequences to her actions, even though I am fully against your little Holly being caught in the inbetweens. Here is to a successful, and LUCKY New Year for you. I am back here on the blog finally myself, and am glad to have a familiar blogee still around! Wishin you the best.

beerab says 1st January @ 15:24

I’m so glad your husband is going to get healthy with you. I’m sorry to hear about your DIL but hopefully this gets her butt into gear- sounds like her bf isn’t a good guy if he condoned or suggested to her to steal the money! I hope she remembers her daughter needs her and puts her first!

I’ll pray 2011 is a better year for your whole family.

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