Just got out of the spa.  It’s snowing but it’s not too cold (25 degrees) so the spa felt great.  We’re having a “light snow mist” at the moment and the flakes felt like cold little tingles on my face.  I sat out there for a long time, enjoying the warmth of the water and dreading the moment when I’d have to jump out of the spa and feel the snow on the more sensitive parts of my body and run barefoot to get back in the house.  Finally, DS came to the door and said, “Hey!  You still out there?  Need me to carry you in?”  HA!  Like he could.  It gave me the boost I needed to jump out  and leave my footprints in the snow as I scurried back inside.

Today has been a cleaning day.  I did some heavy duty cleaning in the kitchen.  Cleaned out the pantry and sorted through all the junk we accummulate.  Found a box of Jello that expired in 2007. 

I went shopping this morning.  Finally broke down and bought some clothes.  In size 18.  Bah!  I got three sweaters, three pair of pants, two pair of shoes, two pair of snuggly thermal underwear pants and three bras.  I refuse to buy anymore clothes in those sizes.  That’s going to have to hold me until I lose some weight.

DS just came over.  He says he doesn’t think there will be school tomorrow.  The roads are icy and it’s too cold to salt or brine.  I hope we don’t start accummulating a bunch of snow days again this year.

DH and I made reservations in Tunica, Mississippi over Christmas.  He was entitled to two free days at Hollywood Casino and so was I.  We both were offered a free breakfast buffet, dinner buffet and $60 in free slot play.  So, we reserved a full week.  The cost of the three additional days was only $29 a night so that’s a pretty good package.  We’re celebrating Christmas with the family next Sunday and then we’ll be gone from the 20th to the 27th.  A week at the hotel with indoor heated pool and spa, 2 breakfast buffets, 2 dinner buffets, $120 in slot play for under $100!


brseay says 13th December @ 21:18

I’m so glad you’re going to be able to get away, maybe it can be the beginning of a new year and new you. It has been a tough year for you, 2011 has to be better. It just has to!!

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