Looks like I’m going to get out of school at a halfway decent time today.  That means I’m off to see Victoria and her tape measures and wired bras with underarm support panels.  Been a while since I’ve seen a flimsy, lacy little bra with spaghetti straps.  Quite a while, actually.

Dinner with the girls was nice last night.  I ordered:

Non Vegetarian Thali
A traditional Indian meal served in silver platter with Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Saag, Dal, Rice, Raitha, Naan, Kheer (Dessert), and Indian Tea (upon request only).

The waiter said these were small servings but I had to take home at least half (more like 2/3s) of my dinner.  Don’t know why I did that because, as usual, I put it in the fridge and it will sit there for two or three days until I throw it out.  I don’t know why I can’t walk away from good food and just let the restaurant throw it out.  I always have to take it home but I know it won’t be good after it’s refrigerated and reheated.

On other fronts…the company was good and I enjoyed getting out.  More later…


2thick says 9th December @ 18:36

That dish sound delish!

Susan says 9th December @ 22:18

I saw Vicky a couple of months ago and got a fantastic bra named “The Incredible”. Comfy and flattering. (And, false advertising in my case; the girls look 25 years younger in this bra ~ as long as I keep the bra on 🙂 )

beerab says 10th December @ 13:16

Send it to me! Or tell someone at home to eat it- I’m sure the boys will 🙂 It might heat up well if you heat it over the stove… Now I’m drooling lol.

brseay says 12th December @ 12:04

I think we’re going to face our first snow day of the year on Monday–6″ of snow and 50 mph winds today…I’m doubtful the plows will be able to clear anything other than the main roads. Hopefully this storm doesn’t make it’s way to you.

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