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I really liked the doctor I saw yesterday.  Very “down to earth” and open.  Great sense of humor.  Posters of animal butts all over his office.  I’m glad I went for a second opinion.  He was very much against doing surgery and did not think it would help.  In fact, he told me it would most likely make matters worse.  So I’m glad I went.  I’ve been given a medicinal routine to follow for three weeks and then I have to go back.  I asked him why I’m having trouble and he said, “You have nerve damage.  Not sure why.  As we say in my line of work…Sh*t happens and sometimes we just don’t know why.”  (Hee hee!  Snort! fart(?))

At any rate, the medicinal route is not going to be easy.  I have to avoid drinking anything for two hours, take a couple of pills with a tiny sip of water and then not drink anything for another two hours.  Twice daily.  That’s eight hours a day that I can’t have anything to drink.  I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and took two pills last night.  Don’t know how I’m going to do it today.  Maybe nothing after lunch….????  Anyway, right now my coffee tastes great.

I’m feeling a lot better about things.  Going to try to break the sorry ass (pun intended) routine I’ve been following.  I think I deserve a reward today.  I’m going to be good about eating healthy and reward myself by visiting the new JC Penney’s outlet that just opened after work today.  I need clothes for the cruise.  We leave in ten days!


beerab says 9th November @ 11:06

I’m glad you aren’t doing the surgery- it sounds scary and if it doesn’t work most of the time why even bother.

pepagirl says 9th November @ 16:29

That’s great that you found a doctor that’s willing to try some alternative methods rather than slice you open and tinker around. Hope the meds help you out! Have fun on your cruise!

brseay says 9th November @ 23:00

Wow, I hadn’t read for a while and obvioulsy I missed a lot. Sooooooo glad you got the 2nd opinion. No, the medical route isn’t going to be easy, but now you have options and can choose which route to go.

Joy says 10th November @ 6:46

I am so sorry I have not been on readin other blogs for almost a week. I am sorry I missed yours. I am glad that you are back. I am so sorry that you are going through this. My BFF has this as well. I am so glad that you got the second opinion. I hope that the meds help.
I am so excited for you (cruise coming up). It is just what you need. Dont worry about diet right now just do what the doc says.

Sarah @ Low Stress Weight Loss says 10th November @ 15:27

Sorry to hear you going through all this but really sounds like you’ve found a good doctor (and funny!)

Maybe you can use these “no drink” periods as also “no eat” and make good diet progress? (Looking for the silver lining…)

didibuttonsley says 12th November @ 14:20

I am glad that you did your own research and made the decision to get a second opinion. I believe if more people would take that path our healthcare system wouldn’t be in such a state. Episiotomies are such bad news, but there are still places where they are routinely done.

Susan says 15th November @ 9:38

Hi Patty! I think of you often. Glad you found a Doc you can relate to.

optimismconfidencelaughter says 16th November @ 14:42

Have you been checked for colitis? My husband has it really bad (could not work 2 years due to pain and bowel incontinence) before I ever met him. He ruined suits etc (TMI?) Anyway, it turned out he just stopped creating an enzyme when he was around 30ish. Now he has something called remicade that is infused once a month. It is expensive but my health plan covers it. You might want to be tested for that before anything too extreme like surgery.

Joy says 1st December @ 7:01

How did the cruise go? How was your Thanksgiving?
How are you doing healthwise? Miss seeing you here.

Joy says 3rd December @ 7:35

You okay?
How are you?
How was the cruise?

brseay says 4th December @ 23:13

Were you on the cruiseboat that got stranded at sea??? Sorry, bad joke. Just wanted to check in on you and let you know I’m thinking of you.

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