Bye, Bye, BD!

Today is a teacher training day.  Friday ended the trimester and tomorrow starts a new one with new classes and new students.  I have to say…there are a couple of kids I won’t miss.  I had a couple who required full-time babysitting last trimester at the expense of all the other students in the class.  I mean, I seriously could not take my eyes off them for 30 seconds that they weren’t instigating a fight or messing with another student.

I’m hoping to meet Barbara for lunch.  Barbara was our school librarian and she and I shared space because my classes meet in the library.  She retired October 29th and it hasn’t been quite the same.  I didn’t realize how much she was a part of my everyday routine until she was gone and I miss talking to her and sharing the day. 

After school, I have to see a new doctor for a second opinion on my butt.  (“Yeah, I agree with Dr. G.  It’s ugly and saggy.”)  How exciting is that??? I fully intend to grill this guy and ask every single question I can think of.

And finally, if everything goes right, I’ll be heading over to Sistah Pam’s for dinner around 5:00.  Pam makes a pretty good pie crust and has tackled the job of teaching the rest of the Sistahs how to make a decent pie.  (Can she make a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy?  Can she make a cherry pie, Darling Billy?)  None of us are able to make a cherry pie, Billy.  Or any other kind of pie unless we have Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts on hand. 

And so…Jana, Pam, Elsie, LeeAnn and I will all be making pies for our monthly dinner tonight.  Jana is doing Pizza Pie appetizers, I’m doing a chicken pot pie for the main course and the rest are doing dessert pies.  Not exactly a healthy dinner but we should all finish the evening with the possibility of catching Billy Boy at some future date.


incontrol2day says 8th November @ 8:48

It sounds like you have a lovely evening planned! Have fun!

beerab says 8th November @ 13:21

Have a great evening- yum I LOVE pot pie!

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