One little pound

That’s what I’m going for.  Just one pound.  But I want it immediately-like tomorrow.  I’m going to keep fighting the good fight.  Today, I’ll eat right.  I’ll blog.  I’ll write down everything I eat and I’ll exercise.  But I better get a little reward, dammit.  Just one lousy pound.  And if I don’t get it, we’re going to be subjected to a major rant this time tomorrow because I’ve been waiting for this one lousy pound to come off for three days with no results.

9:15 Update – Lite Yogurt (80 calories)

12:15 Update – Celebrating the little things…I’ve managed to walk past the 415 Dove candy bars I’m supposed to sell for the National Honor Society all morning without falling victim.  I ate breakfast and I’m currently eating lunch (Marie Callender’s Grilled Chicken Alfredo Bake-500 calories).  I know that’s a bit high but it tastes good and I didn’t get much breakfast.  I passed up the pizza lunch I was invited to for our kids who made honor roll and I’m still hangin in there.


optimismconfidencelaughter says 19th October @ 12:08

Hey there! Look for Oxygen magazine’s “Get off the Couch” issue – on news stands now. I have been following their diet since Sunday and lost 4 pounds. Me, the person who never loses weight!!! And I wasn’t hungry!

susan says 19th October @ 12:30

What about pumping some hand weights whilst you walk on the tready?

I feel a “Whoooosh” coming for you real soon.

beerab says 20th October @ 11:19

Good luck- just remember the salt from those things cause water retention!

brseay says 30th October @ 9:10

Where are you?????? Is everything ok? Even if you fell off the wagon for a short while it’s possible to get back on, it’s happened to all of us. And if it’s something more serious than that let us know, we’re here to support you.

Hope everything’s ok.

pepagirl says 30th October @ 18:28

How’s the challenge coming along so far? Hope you’re doing well!

losingit2010 says 1st November @ 21:23

Hey how are you doing, check in and let us know. Many of us took today to start over fresh. Take care and keep your chin up!

Joy says 2nd November @ 6:44

Are you okay? Come on girlie we can do this. Lets climb our hind ends back ON the wagon and get our lives back in gear. 🙂
Please come back on here.

Joy says 3rd November @ 5:58

Hello? 🙂
Come on Pat we can do this!

Joy says 5th November @ 5:57

Okay 🙁
Now I am getting a little worried. Are you okay? Is the family okay?

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