44 to 90

The last entry was titled 44 degrees.  Guess this one should be titled 90 degrees.  That’s where we were yesterday.  Setting a record at 90 degrees.  That beat the old record of 88 that was set in 1939.  And where was Sistah Pat?  At the pool?  Relaxing in the air-conditioning?  Lying in a hammock with grandchildren fanning me and delivering iced tea?

No.  I was standing behind a table on the asphalt parking lot at Valu Market.  Hawking hot dogs, burgers, pizza, nachos, soft-drinks and baked goods for ROTC at the Highview Festival.  Sarge and Major were in charge of getting and setting up the canopy but they didn’t show up.  Neither did the canopy.  There were, however, seven, (Yes, SEVEN!) parents or grandparents who showed up to help and at least ten cadets.  It got pretty toasty, standing there in the sun with the asphalt reflecting every bit of the heat and three grills going.  I fully intended to just show up for a couple of hours and do my part but I couldn’t leave the others hanging.  I’ve done this for four years and they’re babes in the woods.  I didn’t want to put them in a situation where they felt used and abused so I stayed all day.  They think of me as Mama Bear and I’m okay with directing everything if they’re okay with doing their part.  If these guys hang in there for the duration of the year, they’ll have a really good handle on how things work and I can leave the booster club with a clear conscience when Steven graduates this spring.

Besides, they’re really fun people and I enjoyed hanging with them.  Course, it might have been better if I’d left an hour or so before the end because no one knew what to do with all the stuff they’d picked up at the school that morning.  We’d all assumed Sarge and Major would take it all back to the school when the festival was done.  Instead,  Sarge met them at the school and they loaded down all their trucks and cars to transport everything to the festival site and Sarge went home and didn’t answer the phone all day.  So, at the end of the day, we were staring at three huge ice crests, three grills, and a buttload of dirty crock pots, utensils, condiments, and leftover food and we didn’t have a key to get back into the school. 

Yeah, you guessed it, they followed me home and it’s all at my house now.  Except the grills.  They belonged to some of the parents who helped out.  You can barely walk in my kitchen.  I sorted through most of the stuff.  Washed the dishes and threw out tons of food.  The kids helped eat leftover hot dogs and burgers and cupcakes.  My freezer is full of burgers and hot dogs.  I have 100 bags of chips and tons of baked goods.  I’m going to try to organize an after school sale on Tuesday or Wednesday to get rid of the rest of this stuff.

I’m so pleased with this new batch of parents and volunteers.  They’re fresh and energetic and haven’t had the blood sucked out of them yet. 

Enough about that.  I’m going to see how many days I have left before we go CRUISING!


Susan says 11th October @ 6:19

Without people like you, the world would disolve into chaos. You must be the original Hamburger Helper 🙂

beerab says 11th October @ 13:34

lol- life sucked out of them- how true.

I agree get that stuff out of your home asap!

brseay says 11th October @ 18:15

I was going to scold you for staying all day but it makes sense to put in some work now so you can truly walk away. And as the year continues someone else should be able to pick up the leadership post 🙂

optimismconfidencelaughter says 11th October @ 18:15

Sounds like a worthwhile day – even it was hot AND you are standing over a grill! I hope everyone appreciated your efforts as I can tell you appreciated everyone else’s!
Cheers! Shari

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