Yeah, I know…Summer is here and right off the bat, I get all these requests for neighbors for this game and that game and pretty soon I’m spending hours on Facebook just playing games.  I used to get up, grab my coffee and blog on 3FC.  Now I get up, grab my coffee and start checking all my games.

Whoo, Hooo!   Almost have enough cash to upgrade my spa on Tiki Resort
Oh, no!  My milk soured on Tiki Farm!
Gotta get that stable built on Farmville!
Ack!  My stove is dirty in the Cafe!

Then it starts all over again, I’ve got to go back and empty my treasure chests on Tiki Resort, go harvest my crops on Tiki Farm, click on to Farmville and fertilize all my neighbors crops, etc, etc. etc.

The entire time, I’m IMing my sister and friends and, before I know it, it’s noon and the house is a wreck and I haven’t even thought about what to fix for dinner.

Gotta stop, really!  That stuff is so addictive.

So…what’s going on?  I taught summer school all last week.  Worst group of kids I’ve ever had!  They were awful and it burned me up to know that we weren’t allowed to send them home or write referrals or do anything else except breath deep and get through it.  Anyway, it’s done.

DH has to have outpatient surgery on both his calves this Thursday because his circulation is blocked.  He’s promised to jog in the pool with me everyday after he gets home from work.  Yesterday was the first day we were supposed to jog but he begged off.  No excuses today.

Little sister wanted to plan a trip so we’ve decided to take my Mom on a cruise over the Thanksgiving break.  That’s giving me some incentive to get back on track.  Especially since little sister said, “Mom’s worried about what to wear.  She says she doesn’t have any evening wear.  I told her you should have plenty of stuff she could wear.  Not the stuff you’re wearing now but, you know, the stuff you wore before you put all this weight back on.  Hee, hee!”

I’m so far behind with everyone, I’ll never get caught up.  BUT…tomorrow morning is blogging, not games.


brseay says 22nd June @ 17:07

So….after that comment, what does your sister look like w/the black eye?????

But the cruise sounds like great motivation. That and being support for DH. I just got my hubby to agree to get a physical w/blood work! We have been married almost 10 years and it’s the first time he has agreed. I had better get that scheduled before he forgets he agreed to it!

round says 23rd June @ 11:45

I dont play those games because I watched my friends with their status updates & realized pretty fast they were addictive, even for people who I know are really busy. I just avoided them.

I wonder if your husband would do better with agreeing to walk at least 4 times a week and a minimum of xx number of minutes total for the week, and that way have some flexibility on nights he doesnt feel like it. A lot of people struggle with “all or everyday” goals because it’s so easy to let yourself off the hook as a “failure” becuase you can’t do 7 days…

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