NOW what???

I thought things would be good when school let out but I’m still waiting for them to improve.  I haven’t written in a few days.  Just get up, log on to facebook, and play Tiki Resort all day.

The “mumps” thing was awful but it’s gone now – thanks to massive doses of antibiotics and vicoden.  All that’s left is a soreness in my jaws and a few more days of antibiotics to get through.  The itching is no better and I finally went to the doctor today.  My dermatologist says he can’t see me for almost a month and I’ll be totally crazy by then so I went to my GP.  I told him my skin itches like crazy and it feels like bugs are crawling on me and there’s nothing there!  He has a big long name for it but gave me a prescription to help with the itching until I can see a dermatologist.  Only reason I went in to see him was because DH is having trouble with some cramping and numbness in his legs and I insisted that he go to the doctor today.  I set up appointments for both of us and they saw us in the same room so he didn’t get away with sugar-coating anything.  The doctor is very concerned about him and is referring him to a cadio vascular specialist.  Says it sounds like some kind of blockage that’s keeping his blood flow from reaching his legs.  He’s put him off work until Monday and he has an appointment with the cardio guy on Thursday.

I took Andrew shopping for a suit.  We have the big dinner this Friday with his scholarship award.  Also took him down to talk to a college advisor and took him to a job interview.

So, I’m thinking that it’s been a really nasty week and I have to start teaching summer school on Monday and things can’t get much worse.  Right?

Yeah, they can.  I won’t go into details about why I was looking…but I took a look at an area I haven’t looked at for a long time yesterday evening and noticed a very dark spot that shouldn’t be there.  So…I have another appointment with my gynocologist tomorrow.  I don’t think you’re supposed to have a nickle sized dark spot down there.  Scary.

In the meantime, DH is taking advantage of the time off work and has made us a reservation in a deluxe room with the upscale bedding and turndown treatment at Grand Victoria for tomorrow night.  He ordered the deluxe package with 2 buffet dinners and 2 buffet breakfasts and doesn’t quite understand why I’m not excited about the mini trip before I have to go back to work next week but I don’t want to tell him what’s worrying me until I find something out.

And now….back to mind-numbing Tiki Resort.  Just enough to keep me from thinking.



Lady says 9th June @ 5:23

Good Morning dear girl!
1st, try the bboil ok? I know sounds odd…try it on the itchy spots. Next, Dad went through the numbness in legs for years until the figure out out 2 yrs ago he had blockage in his abdominal whatever 9 i can find out) and legs. They did the simple operation and now he can walk and climb stairs 3 at a time again!
On the black spot on the lady bits…you made the apt with the doctor…that is all you can do right now…but pray. SO sit down with some relaxing tea or other bevvy..go relax on the sofa with a good book ok?

ps find me on facebook!

Joy says 9th June @ 6:46

You have so much on your plate right now Patty. I am so sorry. 🙁
I am glad that you have doctors appointments for you and DH and hope you will both be on the mend and back to normal very soon.
Try to relax on your trip away.
Your in my thoughts and prayers

susan says 9th June @ 8:11

Hi Patty ~ you’re in my thoughts. ((((HUGS))))

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