Really!  Just unbelievable!

DS called me at work yesterday to tell me that he’d just received a call from wicked DIL.  It went something like this:

DS – “Hello”

DIL – “Hello.  Dave?”

DS – “Hello???”

DIL – “Hello, it’s me.”

DS – “Stacy??”

DIL – “I went down to the courthouse and had the Order of Protection dismissed.  I thought we could talk.  How’ve you been?”

DS – “I have nothing to say to you, Stacy.” (click)

30 seconds later…

DS – “Hello”

DIL – “Did you just hang up on me?  How do you think we’re going to resolve anything if you hang up on me?  I called to talk.  I miss you and I was hoping we could get together and try to talk things out.”

DS – “Are you crazy, Stacy????  We don’t have anything to talk about and we don’t have anything to work out.  I’m working right now and I’m finished talking to you.” (click)

2 minutes later…text message….”Nothing’s going to get resolved if you keep hanging up on me.  We need to talk.  Where are you working?  I’ll call you later.”

Can you believe it?  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised but I mean, really…Can you believe it??!!!  That bitch!  After Jake and Scout telling us, over last weekend that, “Thomas is not Mommy’s boyfriend anymore.  They got into a fight and we’re moving back to Gram’s house today.”  Boyfriend number three in ten months kicked her out and now she wants to talk to David.  All of a sudden, she feels safe enough to have the Protective Order dismissed.

I got home around 5:00 and she called at 5:30. 

“Patty?  Have you talked to Dave?”

I played dumb. “No, I just got home from work.”

“Well, I had the Protective Order dismissed and I called him earlier today but he wouldn’t talk to me.  I don’t think he believes that it’s okay for us to talk and communicate.  I have a copy of the dismissal and I want to bring it over to him.  Do you know what time he gets off?”

“I don’t have any idea, Stacy, but I seriously doubt if he wants to talk.  Why don’t you just bring it over and I’ll see that he gets it.”

“Okay, what time do you think he’ll be there?”

“Stacy, I really don’t have a clue.  I think it would be better if you just dropped it off.”

“Okay.  I’m right down the street.  (Her mother just lives 1 1/2 miles from me)  I’ll be there in about ten minutes.”

I called DS and he said, “Mom, I don’t want to see her.  I don’t want to talk to her.  I don’t want to be anywhere near her.  Call me after she leaves.

Meanwhile, she didn’t show up until 7:40.  She kept texting DS, wanting to know when he would get home.   I know it sounds crazy but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sitting down at the end of the street, waiting for him to pull into the driveway.  DS called me and said, “I just drove by the house and I’m going to drive down a couple of streets to see if she’s parked somewhere, then I’ll be home.”  I was still on the phone with him when she pulled into the driveway.  Was she waiting somewhere down the street?  It was really strange that she pulled in about thirty seconds after he said he drove by the house.  I sent Andrew out to the car the minute she pulled into the driveway so she didn’t even have an excuse to come to the door.

The dismissal of the Protective Order says, “that the evidence shows for the Respondant (David) that it was not established, by a preponderance of the evidence, that an act of domestic violence or abuse occured.” What does that mean?  That having lied repeatedly and gotten everything she wanted, she finally told them that it didn’t happen?  Surely that’s not what it means.  I mean, they don’t let people do that.  Do they?  Wouldn’t there be some kind of penalty for false charges or something?  Of course, I haven’t understood anything about this entire fiasco from the beginning.

I’ve gotta go.  To summarize…she repeatedly called him last night and he didn’t answer.  He was angry all evening and kept going on about how she had ruined his life and torn our family apart and then has the nerve to want to talk.  He says he knows she wants to get back together and that he hates her and hates what she’s done and it will never happen.  He said she’s almost stalking him now and he’s thinking about taking out a restraining order but knows that will just stir things up and make it more difficult for him where the kids are concerned. 

Where are the caseworkers now?  Where are the judges and the attorneys and the social workers?  They’re all finished and signed off on everything.  As far as they’re concerned, it’s over and they have no more involvement.  They’ve all established, based on her lies, that David is violent and abusive and she’s a wonderful mother.  Of course, as far as we know, the final custody order was never made permanent and is still a temporary order.  The woman is totally nuts.  Never a dull moment.  Never…


brseay says 29th April @ 17:03

Cu-cu-kachoo. It’s strange that this happened today b/c waiting for me at school this morning were 3 letters from DHS (Department of Human Services) explaining what happened on child abuse cases I reported. Of course all were unfounded, but the one where the kid had a broken finger, the mother confirmed that the step-father broken the finger and had witnesses @ the emergency room who also heard the step-father broke the finger really surprised me.

Has your son contacted his attorney so he’s handling this properly? I’m sure she’ll be able to turn his hanging up on her into a character fault of his. But good for him for not getting sucked back into her web.

How are things going for the wedding??

beerab says 30th April @ 13:16

That girl is screwy!

I think he should just tell her “you ruined my life- you are NOT my friend- you never will be- I will never “hang out” with you EVER. I will be CIVIL to you because you are the mother of my children but never call me unless it is about our children.” He doesn’t need to say “I’m busy” because that to her is saying “well I’m busy now- but we can do something later.” Yes that’s how crazy works.

And if she says things like oh let it go, come on, yada yada he has to be firm and say “no- it’s over- I gave you a chance more than once, it will NEVER happen again.” If she continues all he has to say is “this conversation is over- unless you need to talk about the kids I don’t want to hear from you.”

Tell him to never respond to her text’s UNLESS it’s concerning the kids and never send her a nasty text or voicemail. If he leaves a voicemail it must be only about the kids- nothing else. She might try to use it against him.

And as for the hanging up he has every right to hang up on her- BUT he can always say “this conversation is over- goodbye” and hang up. That shows he’s done and that he just didn’t hang up on her.

Best of luck! Be prepared for a backlash by her again. *hugz*

round says 1st May @ 12:16

She’s a real nutcase, but the good news is that she dropped the protective order!!! And the other good news is that your son seems to have the sense to stay the heck away from her now!

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