Take a break!

It’s been crazy lately!  Getting ready for Andrew’s graduation, getting ready for the wedding this weekend and money running through my hands like water.  Andrew’s senior trip, scrapboarding supplies for Andrew’s senior project, Steven’s senior ring, Steven’s new glasses, field trip for Steven, field trip for Andrew, car repairs…..It seems like I can’t take a breath without opening up my wallet.

I’ve been working like a dog to get ready for the wedding.  (Dishing out money for that, too!)  The house is shaping up nicely but I’m having trouble with the yard.  I got the koi pond drained and cleaned, got the main flower bed weeded, got the pond in the front yard cleaned but the pump isn’t working so I’ve got to buy a new fountain pump for it.  Then it started raining and turned off cool.  I haven’t been able to do anything outside for two days.  I need to buy some annuals and get them out and do some mulching.  The weather is going to be cold and wet for the next two days but then it’s supposed to warm up.  Thursday and Friday should be nice and I’ll be able to finish up.  I’m off work Friday but it’s a full day since Jim and Kat are getting married Saturday.  I feel for the kids.  They don’t have any money to speak of but still, a wedding is a wedding.  They only have a handful of friends coming and they asked DS if he could make a wedding cake.  Nothing fancy, just a basic cake.  Of course, DS is ON IT!  Neither one of us can do anything with standard decorating so I suggested fondant.  I’ve done a few cakes in the past and decorated them with fondant flowers.  Now he’s looking at covering an entire cake with fondant while I make the flowers.  I think we should do a trial run but there’s no time.  On top of that, they haven’t made any plans for food.  They just want a place for a handful of friends and a JP to gather for their vows.  Well, crap!  You know I can’t leave that alone!  I’ve got to figure out some simple foods to serve, David’s on the cake, and I guess I’ll fix some kind of punch.

So…in spite of the approaching storm, I’m taking a day off.  I reserved Sherlock Holmes for this evening and, as soon as I get home from work, I’m going to relax and watch it.  Who knows?  Maybe I can make fondant flowers while I’m watching.

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