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Weighed in at 193 this morning.  My “pie-in-the-sky”, “dream-on, dream-on” goal was 3.5 pounds for this first week of being back on track.  It was just a “wouldn’t-it-be-nice” goal but I might actually make it.  One more pound over the next three days would do it.  That is, if this initial loss doesn’t start fluctuating.  At any rate, it makes me feel good and gives me some incentive to work hard this weekend so I won’t crash and burn.

My birthday was nice.  I had to do an inservice for teachers after work yesterday but it was a good group.  I provided Subway subs cut into fourths, sliced oranges (that I brought back from Florida last weekend) and fresh apple slices, and iced tea.  Participants were grateful to get the hours because they can take off April 30th if they have all their PD hours finished and I enjoyed working with them.  They ate up all the goodies and seemed just as happy with subs and fruit as they would have been with cookies and chips or cake.

I came home to my favorite perfume from DH, a couple of perennials for the garden, and some new  ink cartridges that I wanted for one of my printers.  DS was cooking one of my absolute favorites for dinner, Vietnamese dry-cooked pork loin strips with cilantro, tomatoes, and cucumber rolled up in leaf lettuce and a lime dipping sauce.  Lite, healthy, and delicious.  He gave me a new CD and provided a special treat of Edy’s Fruit Bars.  If you haven’t tried them, definitely go out and buy a box!  They’re fat free frozen bars made with fresh fruit.  I usually don’t like frozen fruit bars because the texture gets on my nerves.  Hard as a rock.  These were fresh, fruity bars with a smooth, melt in your mouth texture.  And only 45 calories!  Whoo Hooo!  I found a new best friend, Edy!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, Chickies!  It was a good one!

I have to work today but I don’t have to put even a passing thought into what to wear.  They passed out new tee shirts to staff yesterday to kick off next week’s testing.  We’re all supposed to wear our new tees and jeans today.  I didn’t know what size to order so I went with XL.  You never know with those things.  It may shrink when I wash it but, honestly, it’s huge and fits like a nightgown.  I may not pass Stacy and Clinton’s inspection today but I’ll definitely be comfortable.

Tomorrow is my last session of Saturday school so I’m bracing myself to avoid the wonderful, fantastic doughnuts the assistant principal always brings for all the kids.  I know most doughnuts are only so-so but these are absolutely the best.  I haven’t decided if I’ll try to check the calorie count and eat one or take a protein bar and steer clear.  At any rate, I know it’s going to happen and I’m preparing for it.

Allright, girls, I’m feelin good and ready to tackle the day.  Have a good one!


incontrol2day says 16th April @ 7:44

Have a Great weekend.
Glad to hear you had a fabulous weekend! That vietnamese wrap sounds delicious 😀 I have to try it sometime!

brseay says 17th April @ 8:01

I’m so glad the spa is going to be much more accessible to you now. Life gets so crazy at this time of year so make sure you take advantage.

Looks like everybody listened and avoided the cake/ice cream. And thanks for the tip on the Edy’s bars–they sound perfect for warm days.

Susan says 18th April @ 11:26

Hey! Happy (belated) Birthday!
Love your optimistic attitude 🙂

round says 18th April @ 16:29

Happy belated birthday from me too!

I have a feeling I have a big reckoning with the scale coming too when I do get back on one – I’ve let my allowed loosening to become a free for all and I need to get back in control now, so I’ll be joining you for the next several weeks of focus!

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