Another Day Down

Got through yesterday.  Still nowhere near my long-ago and well-remembered “Perfect” days in the past but I’m okay with it.  I ate a carton of low-fat yogurt and tomato juice for breakfast, a frozen diet entree for lunch and had Pepper Steak Salad for dinner.  I got to craving something sweet last night while I was watching American Idol so I ate a granola bar.  So, the food went well.

Exercise was okay.  I didn’t exactly work up a sweat but I still worked in the yard until the spa cover arrived and then took the old, waterlogged cover off and dragged it to the back of the yard.  That thing must weigh a hundred pounds!  What a contrast to the new one that I can lift with one finger.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I’d kind of stopped going to the spa recently.  The cover needed to be replaced and I was argueing and negotiating with the company over the warranty for quite a while.  It was so awkward to get the heavy old cover off that I’d given up on doing it.  Finally got them to send a new one so I’ll be back in my spa now!

Today is my birthday!  Don’t have anything special planned.  In fact, I’ll be working late and won’t get home until around 6:00.  I don’t think I’ll even try to exercise (other than going out back and lifting that new spa cover with one finger)  🙂

Weighed in at 193.5 this morning so that’s down another pound.  I’ve got my food all planned out…yogurt for breakfast, turkey sandwich with 12 grain bread and an orange for lunch. 

I like to feed people who attend my inservices.  They’re stuck at school until 5:30 and that makes for a ten hour day.  Some of our teachers have their lunch breaks at 10:10 a.m. so they get pretty hungry in the late afternoon.  I’m going to run out to Subway and pick up some low-fat subs and have them sliced into fourths.  I’ve also got a couple packages of apple slices.  That’ll hold them off until they get home and I’ll get a sub for myself for dinner.

I’ve put the word out – please don’t get me a birthday cake.  I don’t want to come home to cake and ice cream.  Please…….


incontrol2day says 15th April @ 6:38

Your food intake was AWESOME! Great job planning for the next day too. I find that planning helps with staying on plan. Great job being 1 lb down!!!

sunnydaze says 15th April @ 14:43


iniya says 15th April @ 21:13


brseay says 17th April @ 7:58

I know I’m late but happy birthday!!!!! And you’re so awesome to think of the people at your inservices–I bet they love you 🙂

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