How’d I do yesterday? Not great. Okay, but not great. I ate a hard boiled egg and a small can of tomato juice for breakfast. Had leftover Pepper Steak with Mango, Avocado and Jalapeno dressing. Unfortunately, the dressing didn’t keep well. It was great the night before but had a metallic taste after being refrigerated overnight. Still, I ate it and survived.

The problems came in when I got home. I didn’t get home until 4:00 and intended to go to the store but a few minutes after I got home, a friend of DS’s dropped by with his wife and daughter. She’s a sweet girl but I didn’t want to hang around and entertain her. I wanted to work out. Then DH comes home and his car’s acting up so he took my car to go get some thingie for his and was gone more than an hour and a half. Came home with the makings for spaghetti and said, “Well, if you don’t want spaghetti, fix yourself something else.” By then, it was getting along toward 7:00 and DS and his friend were still installing a stereo in a car and I was still stuck with wife and daughter.

To make a long story short…by the time everyone left, I was too tired to work out and I caved and ate spaghetti. Not too much though and I didn’t have any of the buttered garlic bread. Still…not so great for the first day back on track. I’ve promised myself I’ll do better today.  I’m in that bad place where I’m so out of shape that I absolutely do not want to exercise but I won’t get in better shape until I do.

Still, the scales are showing 194.5 today and that’s a pound less than yesterday but I know I have to do a lot better in order to reach the goals I’ve set for myself.  I learned a couple of things yesterday.  Learned that I’ve absolutely got to be prepared with food and plans or I’ll cave in to circumstances.  In fact, I promised myself I’d go by the store immediately after work today to stock up on healthy food.  Then I remembered that we’re having a new spa cover delivered between 3:00 and 6:00 today and I have to be here to inspect it and sign for it.  That precludes working out upstairs because I’d never hear the doorbell.  I’ve compromised and decided to work in the front flower beds, raking and digging and cleaning them out, while I wait for the spa cover.  I’m going to the store as soon as it’s delivered.


Joy says 14th April @ 5:54

Well today is a new day Pat and your going to do great today. It is a fresh start. Your 7 week goal sounds good. I am going to try and do something like that if you do not mind my using that idea. Have a great day, be strong.

Joy says 14th April @ 5:58

OKAY I just saw on Facebook that it is someones birthday?
Happy birthday Pat. I hope it is a wonderful day filled with blessings. HUGS

brseay says 14th April @ 22:18

You did stay on plan by not eating too much spaghetti and no garlic bread. It would be perfect if there were never distractions but you took what you were dealth with and made the best choice available. Now you have learned how to avoid this (have food on hand) and you’re exercising while accomplishing a goal (the flower beds). Maybe grab your heart rate monitor while you’re weeding to convince yourself that you actually worked out!

Summer’s coming soon 🙂

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