The Sista Pat clan definitely helped the school image yesterday.  DGS, Andrew, spent the day at a district level competition for Skills USA.  It has to do with school to work programs.  He’s been taking classes in printing for the last four years and has become pretty good at working with desktop publishing and running a print machine.  He did a presentation using PowerPoint support and won a gold metal in his category.  Yay, Andrew!!

I went to a School Technology Coordinator meeting yesterday evening and won a trophy, framed certificate and laser printer for submitting some work my students have done to help with the upkeep and repairs on the i-Books.  Wouldn’t have submitted but for the nagging and encouragement of my good friend, Sista Jana.

So we finish out the week raining glory on the school.  DH doesn’t quite understand how you win a printer but it has to go to the school.  He thinks Andrew and I should get a day off or something.


brseay says 12th March @ 8:33

Fabulous!!! So glad you took a moment to toot your own horn. You are such a hard worker and this makes sure that everyone knows it 🙂

siobhanmc says 12th March @ 23:04

congratulations to Andrew and to you. I’m with your DH; you deserve an extra day off.

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