I must have missed it.  I worked seven hours at school Saturday without pay.  Decided it would be easier to work there and, before I knew it, it was 4:30. 

I got a call while I was at school from a friend.  It was her birthday and she wanted me to go to the casino with her.  So I did.  Lost $37.00 but got comped a free buffet dinner.  Actually, we skipped the dinner because the line was horrendous.

Yesterday, DS was here with the boys all day and now it’s time to go back to work.  Andrew isn’t going to school today.  He has that interview with UPS at noon.  He was planning on going to school but then I thought about how ridiculous that would be.  We’d only be there a couple of hours and then DS would have to drive all the way across town to pick him up and then drive all the way back to this end of town for his interview.  He’s so enthusiastic.  Has fresh resumes printed up and he’s ready to go.  I really hope he gets this job.  It would help so much with tuition after he graduates in May.  Cross your fingers for him, girls.  Don’t know about where you are but jobs are pretty hard to come by around here.


2dogs1lady says 1st March @ 17:32

Will keep Andrew in my prayers for the UPS job. Where I live, we are an industrial city, so we always have jobs. Heck, even the call centres here start at over 10$ an hour. Speak a 2nd language & make allot more!
The weekend indeed went by so fast Sistah, I am with you, I missed it too~time for me to take my last 4 vacation days of last year~

brseay says 1st March @ 21:04

From what it sounds like he’s a great worker so UPS will be lucky to have him. Keep us posted.

feathers says 1st March @ 23:33

I have to work most weekends, too. Hate that. Miss being with Beloved and sleeping in and just pottering about the house with him.

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