Whoo Hooo, Andrew!

Andrew graduates in 12 weeks.  Hard to imagine.  He’s been scrambling.  Putting in applications and trying to get a job that will allow him to go to school.  Finally, after many attempts, he’s got an interview with UPS next Monday.  It would be a wonderful opportunity for him and I hope it works out.  He participated in the Kentucky Works program last summer that was supposed to continue through this summer and beyond.  It was supposed to help him with tuition and do all kinds of good things but we haven’t heard anything about whether or not it will continue this year because of funding cuts.  If he gets this job at UPS, we won’t have to worry about the Kentucky Works Program.

Got my new students yesterday.  One class may be a problem.  I’ve got three kids that are bad news.  One who just returned from an alternative school yesterday.  He’s been out of the regular school system for the last year for assaulting a teacher.  I looked up his record and it’s unbelievable.  18 offenses from stealing, assault, sexual misconduct and threatening a teacher in the year before he was placed in the alternative school and 12 offenses the year before that.  They’ve kept him out of the regular school system for one year and now he’s back.  And I’ve got him.  Lucky me.  I noted in his record that he stole money from a teacher’s purse and stole a digital camera from a classroom.  I hate having to worry about him stealing something.  My class works with digital cameras, video cameras and laptops all the time.

The other two problem children are almost as bad. 

Gotta get ready.  Can’t wait to work with the little darlings today!


Susan says 23rd February @ 7:42

I hear only good things about UPS. Hope Andrew gets the chance to work for them.

If I were a problem child, I’d want you for my teacher 🙂

missmel17 says 23rd February @ 12:24

I used to have 28 of those ‘problem’ children in two of my classes. Crack them and you will discover sweetness, loyalty and a willingness to try, but they are tough to crack. I once had a kid who was beyond bad–stole everything that wasn’t locked down from teachers, but he was a gifted artist and was always interested in my $700 yearbook camera and wanted to take pictures, so I told him if he got his grades up in three of his classes, he could do the photography that he wanted to do. Well, he got those grades up and I HAD to give him the camera, although I was nervous as hell that I’d never see it again. Long story short, he do amazing photographs and returned the camera in pristine condition. He became one of my best photographers and passed his classes. Just goes to show, you never ever know…

brseay says 24th February @ 21:31

Wow, what a group! I was going to suggest that you talk to the counselor about the kid w/sticky fingers but I read your next post already so I see the problem has resolved itself. We’re probably going to lose our alternative school due to budget cuts and I’m really worried how we’re going to educate kids who can’t function in a high school of 1800 kids.

Do you ever hear from “T”?

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