Let’s go!

I feel much better!  Spent the weekend relaxing.  I actually managed to read an entire book and slept 9 hours Saturday night which is a rare event for me.

I left for work Saturday morning and the downpour had changed to sleet.  Went out and turned on the wipers to remove the slush from my windows and drove to work.  I called Cheryl right before I started at 8:00 and told her I wasn’t going.  I offered to send her a check to help with breakfast but she wouldn’t hear of it.  Worked with kids until 12:30 and then put everything away and walked out of the building to find the sky completely clear and no rain in sight.  Just goes to show how difficult it is to predict the weather here in the Ohio Valley.

Yesterday, it got up to 65!  What a beautiful day!  I went for a walk around the block.  Checked the weather in Florida and it was 84 and sunny at our property in Madison.  I would have loved to partake of 84 and sunny but it was a treat just to get 65 and sunny here.

Now I’m rested, refreshed and ready to start the final trimester of the year with a new batch of kids.


brseay says 22nd February @ 19:35

I’m so jealous that it was 65! We’re still freezing cold but at least we dodged the bullet of 10-12 inches of snow that had been predicted; we barely got a dusting.

And I’m so glad that you enjoyed your quiet weekend instead of feeling guilty about it. It was obviously what you needed.

Susan says 22nd February @ 20:08

Ahhh, just what you needed: “Patty Time”.

We are getting your rain but none of the balmy temps. Everything is grey, grey, grey, although I did see a green WEED coming up in a snow-free patch of garden 🙂

round says 23rd February @ 9:34

sounds like a really nice weekend, and just what you needed

I love the sun, but I appreciate it more when it’s been hiding for a bit!

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