Another weekend??

So strange…All these snow days.  It seems like we just go back to school for a day or two and then get another break.  And yet, it seems like these days are dragging on forever.  Gotta get through today, teach Saturday school tomorrow, and then head up to Brown County, Indiana for the girl’s weekend.  The forecast is calling for rain and snow showers but it’s a lot warmer than it’s been for a long time (going up to the 40s!) so nothing should interfere with the weekend.

Yesterday’s potluck was fun and today is leftover day.  I found a Bob Marley station on Pandora.com and we had Caribbean music playing, a spread of summer goodies and lots of summer props around the room.  I threw one of DH’s Aloha shirts on the back of a chair, tossed a couple of beach towels over the file cabinets, set out suntan oil, sunglasses and mosquito repellent and the atmosphere was downright tropical.  I made toothpick spears with cherries, pineapple and orange slices and bought some of those cute little paper umbrellas for the pina coladas.  The deviled eggs are gone and the pina coladas are gone but I’m taking a half gallon of ice cream in today.  I’m not big on sundaes but we were short in the dessert department so I figured I’d get rid of a half gallon of ice cream that’s been sitting, unopened, in the freezer since the boys’ birthday last weekend.  Glad to give you an idea to break the winter monotony, Joy.  Hope your family enjoys it.

Today is “spirit day” at school.  That means jeans and a tee shirt representing the team or a club or activity at school.  Guess I’ll wear my comfy jeans and an ROTC tee shirt.  Better get to it.  I’m procrastinating getting dressed.  I’d much rather sit around in my warm PJs and blog than get ready to face the day.

Have a good one, Chicklets!

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