One big picnic!

Today is potluck day.  The theme this time is a summer picnic.  I have two red and white checkered tablecloths.  I’m taking sun glasses, sun tan oil, flip flops, and a pool ring to throw around the room for props.  I have a CD I bought on a cruise a couple of years ago of kettle drums and Caribbean music that I’ll set up in the break room.  That ought to help set the mood.

On the menu, I’m taking a blender and fixing virgin pina coladas.  I’m also taking deviled eggs and hot dogs.  Some of the other dishes co-workers are bringing include baked beans, fried chicken, cole slaw, potato salad, macaroni salad and fresh watermelon. 

It may be all in the way you look at it but I’m really looking forward to having a taste of summer today.  There’s lots of snow on the ground and there’s more in the forecast for the weekend but I’m just going to squint my eyes, smooth on some suntan oil and pretend like I’m in a whole different place.


Joy says 18th February @ 7:42

OMGoodness! What a fantastic idea! I am going to do this on Friday for dinner!! I am going to jack the heat up a few degrees, use our satalite radio to find some tropical music, throw blankets on the floor to eat on, make no alcohol fruity drinks, and picnic foods!!! GREAT idea thanks patty! 🙂
This is just what we need to ignore the 3 feet of snow on the ground outside! Have a great time!!!

Susan says 18th February @ 10:21

Sounds like fun!

I’m tellin’ ya Patty, you would make an awesome event planner.

I miss “Summer Food” 🙂

round says 18th February @ 16:33

Gosh, that sounds fun! I’m craving a pina colada

brseay says 19th February @ 22:39

What fun! I remember many years ago during a particularly rainy spring that my parents hosted a “summer” party. They put blue foam on the ceiling of the garage and hung a big sun to shine over everyone. I remember it being a great time 🙂

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