Six loaves of bread

Count em.  Six loaves of bread consumed since Saturday.  Not me, thank God.  I only had a couple of slices but DH and the boys couldn’t seem to get enough.  I had to resort to the “quick” version of the recipe.  Four days and six loaves.  Admittedly, they’re small loaves but a couple of times, they’d consumed one loaf before the other one got finished baking.  At least, I’m not the only one who was reacting to cabin fever.

We’re back to work today.  I feel so strange about it.  This trimester was supposed to end last Friday but they extended it a week.  That was feeling weird…I had finals completed and the kids were ready to move on, then we had to confront an additional week of classes even though we’d only missed two days for snow.  We’re supposed to have a special assembly called “Rachel’s Decision” today and we were supposed to have a special lesson with the kids yesterday to prepare for the assembly.  Then we missed yesterday.  Today’s email says they’re still having the assembly and we should be prepared to be “flexible”.

Jake and Scout spent the weekend.  We made chocolate snow cream and DS brought in some huge icicles for them.  Scout wanted another one after his melted and sent DS out to get another one of those “snow spikes”.  I swear, I don’t know where he gets that stuff.

Girls weekend is coming up and I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen.  Usually, around ten of us rent a cabin for the weekend and party.  We usually go up on Friday afternoon and come home Sunday.  It’s a couple hours on the road and the roads are not the friendliest.  I have to work Saturday morning so I only get to stay from around 3:00 Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning.  Now, they’re calling for more snow and I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth it.  It’s great fun and I’m looking forward to it but it’s up in the hills and the roads can get pretty slippery.  Check out last year’s post to see exactly how tricky they can get.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the weather is going to do.  I could always cancel if I have to but I hope we get enough of a break to get out of here for a while.  I hate feeling captive to the weather.

Okay, gotta run.  It’ll be interesting to see what the day brings…


siobhanmc says 17th February @ 13:13

The girls’ week-end sounds fun, but I know how it is with the roads. Be safe!

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