I swear, I’m so sick of snow and cold weather I don’t think I can stand it.  We’ve got a forecast for another 9 inches or so over the next couple of days and the aggravation is getting to me.  I was being a total bitch.  I ranted about the laundry.  then I ranted about the clutter.  Then I ranted about the dirty dishes that had accummulated in the hour or so since I’d washed them.  I went on a cleaning spree and insisted that everyon pitch in on the family room and clean it from top to bottom (literally).  Finally, DH, (in desperation) threw a bottle of wine in the freezer and suggested (very strongly) that I drink some and chill out.

So here I am. Totally ripped because I drank the entire bottle on an emply stomach and trying to complete the process of baking bread from scratch.  I wanted to try this recipe and it looks pretty good so far but I finally had to toss it to DS and tell him to finish up because my lips are numb and I’m totally wasted.  I have a big pot of homemade vegetable beef soup simmering for dinner and I’m going to crash in front of the TV and try to find a movie I haven’t seen at least a dozen times.

I swear, if I don’t see a tulip or a crocus or a daffodil sometine soon, I’m going to slash my wrists.


tjnorth says 15th February @ 0:19

sorry babe, NO SYMPATHY HERE. Last year it SNOWED on Victoria Day Weekend, which is traditionally the beginning of summer/gardening season here. Right now I am looking ahead at perhaps 8 – 10 weeks of sub zero temps.

My advice is to suck it up and pray for global warming.

2dogs1lady says 17th February @ 5:37

I am so with you there chickie! I hate winter!!! The weatherman is calling for more snow today. I wonder if weathermen get hate letters? haha (oops)
Hang in there sunshine!

Heather aka Lady

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